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Picasa 2 WordPress ( Picasa Image Downloader )

Description Downloading Google Picasa images into WordPress media library and delete Google Picasa images from WordPress admin panel. Requirements Picasa Web Albums Data API version 1.0 ( ) *… Lees verder »

WDS Multisite Aggregate

Description Creates a new site where all the most recent posts/pages/etc on a WordPress network may be collected (much like For performance reasons the number of posts is limited… Lees verder »

TIFF Preview.

Description When you upload a TIFF attachment, a second jpeg attachment will be created that can be used as the preview of the TIFF. The plugin also makes it so… Lees verder »

ST Google Map

Description A simple plugin to create google map on wordpress. Do you need more support or customize. Please visit our page Fee wordpress plugin – Premium WordPress Theme Installation… Lees verder »


Description Eklenti desteği ve içeriği 25 Şubat 2016 itibariyle durdurulmuştur. Harem ALTIN A.Ş. ‘nin “verilerin izinsiz kullanımı” ile ilgili uyarısı sonucunda eklentinin veri çekimi sonlandırılmıştır. Bu eklenti artık çalışmamaktadır. Eklentiyi… Lees verder »

Auto Collapse

Description Auto Collapse the Admin Sidebar and Customizer Sidebar. Screenshots It’s easy to show/hide the admin sidebar. Auto Collapse works for the customizer as well. Installation Upload auto-collapse director to… Lees verder »


Description SimpleAppLinks displays link to application and extension on your WordPress posts and pages. Supported platform is below… Google Play iTunes App Store Mac App Store Windows Store Chrome Web… Lees verder »

Gulri Slider

Description Author: Fahad Mahmood Project URI: Demo URI: License: GPL 3. See License below for copyright jots and tittles. Attach files during checkout process on cart page with… Lees verder »


Description The plugin can XML and HTML data page accumulate with your own pictures and information, so that by simple means a colorful club world arises. Only useful in… Lees verder »