Maandelijks archief: december 2014

Destroy this site

Description Using the shortcode [destroy-this-site] you can add a fun button that when clicked overrides the css of your site. Just for laughs. Screenshots Installation Install and activate the plugin…. Lees verder »

Voice Search

Description Allows visitors to search the site using their voice. Currently only supported by Chrome on both desktop and mobile. See this technical reference for more details. See this blog… Lees verder »

Add Image to RSS Feed

Description ** this plugin is no longer being update. Please feel free to adopt me! ** Automatically adds the featured image to RSS feed posts Faq Empty Installation Instructions To… Lees verder »

Add ID to post list

Description When working with other plugins, shortcodes and widgets sometimes they ask for the post ID. And you would normally have to enter to the post or over on it… Lees verder »

VK Poster Group

Description Если вам нужен только кроспостинг из WordPress на стену группы Вконтакте без лишних и сложных настроек, то этот плагин для вас. Настройте отправку записей из WP в VK за… Lees verder »


Description Link info: WordPress Timebank System is a WordPress plugin that creates an exchange system (minutes, hours, tokens, any currency) for all your WordPress users. All registered user can… Lees verder »

Hide Content

Description Plugin hides the content from unauthorized users. Installation Upload hide-content to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress