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Description 一款面向所有中文用户的SEO插件,涵盖了以下功能:sitemap、robots.txt生成、任何taxonomy页面(包括分类和标签)以及单页和文章的关键词标题以及描述设置,并且该插件任何设置都可以精准的控制网站任意一个单一的可见的页面。 官方网站 特色 涵盖所有SEO相关的功能 支持变量标记的方式来设置网站任何页面的关键词 精准到任何单一页面的seo设置 高效的执行代码 详细的使用说明文档 更符合中文用户使用的SEO设置方式 Faq 我的网站想使用SEO All,请问对网站系统有什么基本要求吗? 对于WordPress网站,建议WordPress版本在3.x或以上,这样能完整的实现所有功能。 Installation 在WordPress 插件库中搜索”SEO ALL”, 下载并启用 访问SEO ALL官网www.v7v3.com下载插件并安装。 Changelog 1.1 (2015-1-6) 完成插件制作,并且在多个线上网站进行测试

Ben’s Version Checker

Description This plugin checks the version numbers of other wordpress sites. It will report the status of the site and its version number. The plugin gets this information from the… Lees verder »

Send to Statsd

Description Send statistics to a statsd daemon. The following events are currently supported: Counter on publish post Timer Page load time Installation You must already have a statsd daemon running… Lees verder »


Description So that you can display the form that you created in recopat. recopat is a simple form creation services. 日本語の説明を読む Faq A question that someone might have none Installation… Lees verder »

GP Integration

Description GlotPress is a great way to manage and work collaborative on translations for your projects and with GP Integration it becomes even better! Don’t have GlotPress installed? Want a… Lees verder »

Hide WP Customizer Options

Description This plugin allows you to hide option sections from the WordPress Customizer. As more and more plugins are using the WordPress Customizer you will find this tool useful to… Lees verder »

c3 Random Quotes

Description IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE: For all users who are currently using this plugin, after updating you should go to Appearance Widgets and to the settings for c3 Random Quotes, and… Lees verder »


Description A simple plugin to manage the responsive image specification for your WordPress images. By default it will add 2x retina support to all of your image sizes. Adds scottjehl’s… Lees verder »

Show Pages List

Description Developed by, this is a simple plugin that gives you the urls of your pages, posts and everything else. It is useful to generate a network chart. You… Lees verder »


Description This plugin enables you to run security scan via the Walti web service. How To Use If you do not have a Walti account, you need to sign up… Lees verder »