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Description A WordPress widget for displaying your Steam account information and statistics. Screenshots In the image, screenshot-1.png, you can see the Hein-Steam-Widget on a sample site. In the image, screenshot-2.png,… Lees verder »

TF Notifications

Description Keep your visitors up to date with notifications across your organisation. Shortcodes [tf_important_notification speed=4000] The above shortcode will display your notifications that have been flagged as “Featured”. This example… Lees verder »

TF Feature Box

Description This plugin adds a feature box with a title, description, coloured background, icon and main image. Add the widget to your sidebars. Use multiple widgets in the same sidebar…. Lees verder »


Description Плагин QComment дает неограниченные возможности для пиара и продвижения в Интернете. Продвижение брендов, группы в социальных сетях, видео на YouTube, поднять репутацию в Интернете с комментариями и обратной связи…. Lees verder »

Pods Stream Connector

Description Pods Stream Connector is a plugin that allows you to view Pods activity within the WordPress Stream plugin. Requires Pods or later. Requires Stream 3.0 or later. Screenshots… Lees verder »


Description Notifyit is a simple plugin let you to add nice notification in your wordpress theme. Major features in Notifyit include: Set frontend notification. It has option to set delay… Lees verder »

Aspen to Weaver Xtreme

Description This plugin will non-destructively convert your Aspen Theme settings to Weaver Xtreme Theme settings. Please read instructions on the Help tab. Copyrights Aspen to Weaver Xtreme is Copyright (c)… Lees verder »

Google Books Importer

Description This plugin imports data from site using Google’s API. Following data is pulled and can be imported to wordpress: Volume Info title subtitle authors publisher publishedDate description pageCount… Lees verder »

Bogo BuddyPress

Description Make your multilingual WordPress site have a multilingual social network, with Bogo and BuddyPress. Say your default language BuddyPress is located at /members/ and you have German and Spanish… Lees verder »

Bogo bbPress

Description Make your multilingual WordPress site have multilingual Forums, with Bogo and bbPress. Say your default language bbPress is located at /forums/ and you have German and Spanish translations of… Lees verder »

Dhonodhanno Pushpo Bhora

Description ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসের “হ্যালো ডলি” প্লাগিনটা দেখার পর আমার ইচ্ছা হয় আমিও আমার প্রিয় কোন গান/কবিতা দিয়ে এরকম একটা প্লাগিন বানাবো।তো আমি দিজেন্দ্রলাল রায়ের লেখা “ধন ধান্য পুষ্প ভরা” দিয়ে প্লাগিনটি… Lees verder »

WalkMe Integration

Description Note: This plugin is simply a WordPress integration for the WalkMe™ service. The plugin requires that you create a WalkMe™ walkthrough using their FireFox extension. Are you looking for… Lees verder »

Restaurant Menu Ordering

Description Restaurant by Justin Tadlock does not allow for manual ordering of items. This plugin enables that. Also recommended is Simple Page Ordering. Technical details: Sets the ‘restaurant_menu’ custom content… Lees verder »

GMap Shortcode

Description WORKS WITH THE NEW VERSION OF GOOGLE MAPS You can add a map using a shortcode. You only need to: Go to Search the address you want to… Lees verder »