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Description 火柴手写码,是将海量手写图片资源进行碎片化处理,随机组合、加密而成;由于源数据重复概率低、手写文字差异大(即使同一个人多次书写同一数字,? ?结果也不尽相同)、手写字符书写不规则等特点,使得现有OCR技术很难识别;同时我们结合大数据处理和云计算技术,为开发? 提供? 晰、安? ?、方便的云验证码服务。 Screenshots Faq none Installation Upload all files to your WordPress plugins directory, usually wp-content/plugins/.上传插件到插件目录 Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.后台激活插件并? ?置参数… Lees verder »


Description Sometimes you just want to get rid of stuff in a theme but you don’t have the skill or capability to edit it’s source code. Maybe because you don’t… Lees verder »


Description This is the Official WordPress plugin to help optimize your WordPress website for the Speedly network. Installation Download the plugin file Extract the file Upload the speedly… Lees verder »


Description English read below Плагин дает возможность прикреплять дополнительные изображения к записям (в отдельной области, как дополнительное поле). Для получения массива с информацией об изображения? записи, можно использовать функцию get_post_images($post_id)…. Lees verder »


Description Bannerlid provides a simple WordPress admin extension to add banners and groups of banners to your WordPress template or your WordPress content. Banners can be added through content shortcodes… Lees verder »

Auto Update Themes

Description This plugin sets WordPress to automatically download and install theme updates. No configuration needed, simply install the plugin and activate it. Faq This plugin should activate the automatic downloading… Lees verder »

Osynlig Localization

Description Basic WordPress plugin that makes it possible to choose different website and admin locales. Installation Download the plugin here (and name it osynlig-localization) or from and put it… Lees verder »

WC-AC Hook

Description Integrates WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign by adding or updating a contact on ActiveCampaign with specified tags, when an order is created on WooCommerce at checkout. You also have the option… Lees verder »

Feed Delay

Description Плагин выставляет задержку отправки новы? публикаций в RSS ленту. В данной версии задержка составляет 3 часа. = Предотвращение преждевременны? публикаций = Опубликовали статью и решили внести правки? В момент… Lees verder »

Simple voting

Description You can see a demo examples at Any questions and bug reports are welcomed at This plugin can understand two shortcodes: [voting] [voted] Let’s look at the… Lees verder »

QQWorld Content Provider

Description Using for Mobile APP. 用于移动应用。 Installation Upload qqworld-content-provider directory to /wp-content/plugins/ directory 上传 qqworld-content-provider 目录到 /wp-content/plugins/ 文件夹 Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress 在wordpress的 ‘插件’ 菜单中激活该插件… Lees verder »

Cache Buddy

Description Minimizes the situations in which logged-in users appear logged-in to WordPress, which increases the cacheability of your site. Contribute Faq Will this work for BuddyPress sites? No. Nor… Lees verder »

Auto iFrame

Description A quick and easy shortcode to embed iframe’s that resize to the content of the remote site. Auto iFrame shortcode is in the format of: [auto-iframe link=xxx tag=xxx width=xxx… Lees verder »

Advanced Tag Rule

Description Plugin “Advanced Tag Rule” allows You to specify a link to the tags, and manage them. Specify the URL’s tag instead of a link to the post. Screenshots Add… Lees verder »