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HS Ajax Blogger

Description HS Ajax Blogger is a plugins used to show the custom blog post using ajax load like facebook timline.You can show the blog post using shortcode and manage its… Lees verder »

AWeber Dev Facile

Description Display Total AWeber Subscribers Count from one or selected lists. Sample of use : [AWcount select=”list-name-1,list-name-2,list-name-3,list-name-4″] or with php code : echo do_shortcode(‘[AWcount select=”your_list_name_1, your_list_name_2″]’); Affiche le nombre total… Lees verder »

User to Galette Exporter

Description User to Galette Exporter is a plug-in that synchronise users from WordPress with Galette users. See for more explanation about Galette. Installation Upload User to Galette Exporter directory… Lees verder »

Allpay AIO for WooCommerce

Description WooCommerce歐付寶/綠界全方位金流外掛 WooCommerce與在台灣最具規模的歐付寶第三方付款金流,只要一個外掛就輕鬆搞定! 豐富的設定選項、詳盡的資訊流程,讓您使用第三方收付更加的方便! 外掛特色 支援綠界 您可選擇使用歐付寶金流或綠界金流收款 免去繁複的安裝多個外掛,只要一個外掛就搞定! 支援信用卡、網路ATM、ATM自動櫃員機、超商代碼、超商條碼、支付寶、財付通、儲值消費、全家條碼立即儲 自訂指示訊息 無論是已付款或未付款,您都可以自訂想要給顧客觀看的訊息,讓顧客了解您想要傳達的訊息,溝通沒煩惱! 商家電子郵件通知 顧客在下單後所送出的通知郵件,可顯示已付款或是未付款訊息 顧客電子郵件通知 顧客的電子郵件通知,可帶有ATM、超商代碼繳款訊息,方便顧客儲存紀錄,只要手機在手就可輕鬆付款 顯示訂單資訊 在訂單資訊頁讓您了解顧客在金流下單後的基本資訊 顧客下單完可觀看訂單資訊 顧客下單完後,可在到商店頁面看到當前的付款資訊,在成功付款後可即時顯示付款狀態,顧客大可不必再跟商家確認是否收到付款 詳細的訂單紀錄 與金流來往的訊息皆會被紀錄下來,讓您了解當前訂單情形 即時顯示訂單資訊 無論是時間、金額、已付款、未付款,您可以即時了解金流當前訂單狀態,不需到商家後台查詢訂單 可設定最低付款金額 擔心付款方式會增加成本嗎? 可設定最低付款金額,讓您增加整體收益 自動更新付款方式標題 有別於只顯示金流主標題,您可以選擇是否要更新顧客所選擇的付款方式細項標題,讓您了解更詳細的付款方式 自動取消訂單 ATM付款、超商條碼、超商代收之訂單如果在期限內尚未付款,訂單自動取消,讓您不必煩惱是否需要時常檢查訂單期限… Lees verder »

Sewol Count

Description This is a program that count day after Sewol Ferry Disaster. Major features in Sewol Count include: widget : day count after Sewol Ferry widget color and background Color… Lees verder »

SC To Top

Description A simple plugin to scroll to the top Screenshots Simple button to back to top Faq Installation Instructions Make sure you have jQuery installed and working properly Upload the… Lees verder »


Description Source Code on GitHub Documentation Here you can read the Documentation The Plugin requires PHP 5.3.2 or newer. Faq Installation Instructions Upload mpcx-slider to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the… Lees verder »

Easy SlideBox

Description Add SlideBox to your Content. A button in visual editor avoid to create a slidebox with fancy effect slideup/slidedown. An configuration page avoid to change images and css of… Lees verder »

VK Front-end Grid Editor

Description This plugin can create Bootstrap grid layout on front-end. Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots Column mouseover. Column content edit. Installation Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »

Site Name for Google Search

Description Use structured data markup on your public website to indicate the preferred name you want Google to display in Search results. You can also provide more than one possible… Lees verder »

Simple Related Posts Slider

Description Simple Related Posts Slider is a very simple plugin that adds a slider containing related articles to the bottom of your wordpress posts. Screenshots

Placeholder Content

Description There are occasions when you need to manually create multiple Posts to see how they look with your chosen WP Theme. This plugin assists in auto generating placeholder content… Lees verder »