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UniPress API

Description Put your publication in your reader’s pocket. UniPress is the easiest way to launch iOS and Android apps for your WordPress readers. UniPress allows you to connect your… WordPress… Lees verder »


Description 2015.11.23 공지) 그누프레스의 기능이 포함된 그누커머스가 출시되어 그누프레스의 개발을 중단합니다. 그누프레스 플러그인은 그대로 사용할수 있지만 특별한 일이 없다면 그누커머스의 사용을 권합니다. 그누커머스 바로가기 : 참고) 그누프레스를 그누커머스로 옮기는… Lees verder »


Description Turn you content into revenue using Roojoom Content Journey. About Roojoom Roojoom is an online marketing intelligence platform that increases conversion and engagement through personal Content Journeys across customer… Lees verder »

Multiple Roles per User

Description Allows anyone who can edit users to set multiple roles per user. In a default WordPress environment that wouldn’t have much of an effect, since the user would have… Lees verder »


Description Let’s face it: WordPress’ default Recent Posts widget does the job as promised but it’s not very flexible. Things like excluding certain entries from the list or displaying recent… Lees verder »


Description What is SMSBump? SMSBump allows you to send Bulk, Transactional, and Marketing text messages. Free Sign up bonus Download our WordPress plugin today and get Free credits. SMSBump WordPress… Lees verder »

Purely Post Carousel

Description Various settings for number of columns and posts to display. License Slick.js and Slick CSS styles are licensed under MIT license, read more here: Scroller icons are licensed… Lees verder »

Pojo Importer

Description Please Note: This plugin is for Pojo Framework users only. Using the demo import allows you to import all the demo content (Posts, Pages, Galleries, Slideshows, WooCommerce), Widgets, Menus,… Lees verder »


Description This plugin will add the TrendMD recommendations widget to your WordPress website; be aware that TrendMD recommendations will NOT work in WordPress websites that don’t install this plugin. TrendMD… Lees verder »

حمل و نقل پست سفارشی، پیشتاز، پیک موتوری و سایر شرکتهای ارسال مرسوله برای ووکامرس

Description این ماژول روش های پست سفارشی، پیشتاز و همچنین ارسال با پیک و سایر شرکتهای ارسال مرسوله را به ووکامرس اضافه و به صورت اتوماتیک محاسبه می کند. مشخصات… Lees verder »


Description In order for spammers to send email to millions of people, they need millions of email addresses. One way to get these addresses is to automatically search the web,… Lees verder »