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Description Онлайн-консультант WebisOnline позволяет Вам общаться в чате с посетителями вашего сайта. WebisOnline поможет вам рассказать о всех преимуществах вашей компании. Вы узнаете, чего ожидают ваши клиенты, и сможете более… Lees verder »

WC User Role Based Coupon

Description This plugin extends the popular ecommerce Plugin Woocommerce so that users can be offered at different coupons for different customer groups. For example, Subscribers or Contributors get different coupons… Lees verder »


Description This Widget display Instagram thumnail by user id or tag(hash tag). Screenshots Add Minstagram Users Widget, Minstagram Tags Widget to Widget page. Set CLIENT ID at Minstagram Setting page…. Lees verder »

Pango Sensei Module Collapse

Description Description Make your Sensei course modules collapsible and expandable with this helpful plugin. Users can collapse or expand a module by clicking on the toggle arrow. Once expanded the… Lees verder »


Description Plugin WordPress, Carousel by Click A Simple Carousel by click. No effect or automatic slide for the first commit.

Arqspin WooCommerce Extension

Description Create interactive 360 product photography Let your customers see your product from all angles Fast, easy, and beautiful way to increase engagement If you’ve ever wanted an easy way… Lees verder »

My Clang Subscribe Form

Description Add a subscribe form for Clang on your page without using iFrames A brief Markdown Example [myClangForm] Installation Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’… Lees verder »

Stop 404 Guessing

Description Stop 404 Guessing prevents the WordPress Canonical Redirects feature from guessing what page a user might have wanted when they encounter a 404 error. Instead, it will show your… Lees verder »

Delivery rate for Sagawa express

Description In Japanese: このプラグインはWooCommerceのための佐川急便用の送料追加プラグインです。 佐川急便の運賃一覧表を元に日本の地域ごと(北海道、北東北、南東北、関東など)送料を設定することができ、配送先の都道府県を元に設定された送料が表示されます。 In English: This plug-in is for additional plug- ins for Sagawa Transport for WooCommerce. Each region of Japan based on the fare list of Sagawa… Lees verder »

Amazing Carousel

Description Amazing Carousel can make images into 3d style and animate them use CSS 3D transforms and CSS animations. See live demo here: Features Super easy installation. Responsive. 3D… Lees verder »

Profile Editor

Description Profile Editor allows you to create front-end login, user registration and edit profile pages by using shortcodes. Faq Installation Instructions Installing “Profile editor” can be done either by searching… Lees verder »