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Signature One

Description Built with : You can create, align and resize the signature text or images that appear at the bottom of each post. Choose from preset sizes, change the… Lees verder »


Description CustomEmails,Dynamic Emails, Emails you can create and use the email

Category SEO

Description CategorySeo will be able to set to the string to be used in the title element to the registration screen and editing screen categories. Installation Installation using “Add New… Lees verder »

Debug Media

Description This plugin adds a Media panel to the Debug Bar. Requires the Debug Bar plugin. Changelog 0.3.0 Adds Ghostscript version information. 0.2.0 Adds information about Imagick resource limits, when… Lees verder »

Advanced Concurrent Login Limit

Description “Advanced Concurrent Login Limit” plugin is to limit your users admin concurrent login. its gives admin settings for users maximum concurrent login and increase the security of your site…. Lees verder »

Unpredictable Image Filenames

Description Most cameras and smartphones number their images in a predictable format. For example, iPhones use the format IMG_0001.jpg, IMG_0002.jpg, etc. If you upload IMG_0345.jpg to a post and publish… Lees verder »


Description Easily replace Vimeo and Youtube player with video player. A simple, accessible HTML5 media player by @sam_potts from @selz. allows you to interact with YouTube and Vimeo… Lees verder »

Compact MCE

Description A simple plugin that re-organize your WordPress editor TinyMCE controls. We removed WordPress’s default editor useless controls and added more useful controls. Removed Controls Spell checker Distraction Free Writing… Lees verder »


Description Ce plug-in a été fait pour se lier à la plateforme C’est un service offert aux microbrasseries, bars et restaurants afin d’afficher ce qui se trouve présentement sur… Lees verder »


Description Programmatically add any shortcode to pages and posts based on tags after the content. Developement at Installation Installing “autoshortcoder” can be done either by searching for “autoshortcoder” via… Lees verder »

WordPress WooCommerce 微信支付插件

Description 二维码正常显示,真正可用的微信支付插件,支持PC扫码支付,支持退款,支持汇率,需要开通腾讯官方微信支付商户,如需H5支付和微信红包推广,请购买企业版:WordPress WooCommerce微信支付红包版 Features for Enterprise version: WooCommerce子插件,完美兼容 在WooCommerce添加微信支付网关 支持汇率换算,需要手动设置汇率 PC端支持微信扫码支付 微信端支持公众号支付(需购买企业版) 手机浏览器支持H5支付(需购买企业版) 微信红包促销功能(需购买企业版) 红包推广:分享产品,产品被购买获得红包(需购买企业版) 红包返现:微信支付成功送红包,刺激下单支付(需购买企业版) 微信自动登录,并且同步微信头像(需购买微信登录插件) 退款功能,直接退款到微信零钱或银行卡 微信地址同步到收货地址(需购买企业版) 跨域共享,多个网站共用一个微信支付账户(需购买企业版) 适合任意WooCommerce主题 演示站点: 帮助文档: Support Mail: Mailbox: Remove plugin Deactivate… Lees verder »