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Warp Cache

Description Simple, light and powerful cache plugin. No customisation required, only activate plugin and plugin will do the rest. Integrated GooglePage Speed Insights for monitoring how well website is optimized…. Lees verder »

Reset Database

Description It resets your database to the default installation and deletes any media files. It adds a settings page to “Dashboard”-”Tools”-”Reset Database” where you can simply reset the database of… Lees verder »

Description Adblockers are costing you more and more money. Many who use adblockers realise this and want to support your site without ads. Why not offer them that option? A… Lees verder »


Description Этот плагин создан для того чтобы максимально облегчить возможность пользоваться услугой сайта по рассылке пуш сообщений в десктопные браузеры. Translations Screenshots Faq Installation 1 Загрузите файл… Lees verder »

Social Shortcodes

Description This plugin will allow you to use the shortcode syntax: [twitter title=”Title For Tweets” user=”YOUR_TWITTER_HANDLE” count=”5″] to output tweets in a page or theme. It currently only supports Twitter,… Lees verder »

RT Slider

Description Developers: Integrate this Plugin with your themes. Documentation here RT Slider is a Very Simple and Easy to use Plugin. All this Plugin does is that, it adds a… Lees verder »

Typing Language

Description A wordpress plugin which provide a powerful functionality to type post or page description in your selected language into wordpress site/blog. In this plugin user can select language and… Lees verder »

Reinstall Themes

Description Reinstall Themes is a simple plugin to allow themes re-installation, by using WordPress standard theme update process. Contributing Developers can contribute to the source code on the Github Repository…. Lees verder »