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Papyrus Me!

Description Papyrus Me! replaces all of the fonts on your site with Papyrus font. (Note: this plugin is for entertainment purposes only.) Screenshots Papyrus Me! in action. I don’t know… Lees verder »

Carbon Fields: qTranslate

Description This plugin adds translatable fields for Carbon Fields using qTranslate-X. This plugin requires Carbon Fields plugin and qTranslate-X plugin Resources WordPress Plugin: Github Repository: Issues Tracker:… Lees verder »


Description Widz help user easy to create Tabbed or Accordion by available widget in Appearance Widget On the front end it hepls visitors find the right content on your site,… Lees verder »


Description NodeifyWP let’s you create isomorphic JavaScript applications with PHP. With NodeifyWP, you can manage your content using WordPress and output the content directly on the front-end isomorphically without anything… Lees verder »


Description 本插件主要用于后台管理员、编辑等角色对文章操作的记录(发布\更新\删除)以及用户登录的IP地址记录(This plugin is mainly used for post operation records (release, update, delete) and the user login IP address record.)。 如果在使用中发现BUG或者有任何建议或意见可以发送邮件至“”。 注意:在启用本插件时,会在你的数据库中新建两张数据表,1:日志记录表;2:IP地址记录表,如果停用插件将会删除这两张表(如需清空数据停用再启用即可)。 Installation 1.将文件上传至’/wp-content/plugins/’目录下(如:/wp-content/plugins/mpOperationLogs),或者通过WordPress插件商城进行安装。 2.通过WordPress插件界面启用本插件。 Upload the plugin files to… Lees verder »


Description This plugin sources your training schedule from and displays the current week in a widget. Configuration Go to the Openmat Developer page and generate an API key and… Lees verder »

Recent Commented Posts

Description Lists the last commented posts. You can configure how many posts should be displayed. Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/basic-recent-commented-posts directory, or install the plugin through the… Lees verder »

Remove All Menu Item

Description Remove All Menu, allows you to delete all menu items in a menu. Installation install and activate the plugin Goto Appearance Truncate Menu Select menus and click delete all… Lees verder »

GLTF Media Type

Description glTF is an emerging open standard for the transmission and storage of 3D models. This plugin allows you to upload these models in “Embedded JSON” and Binary formats. Currently,… Lees verder »

Create Meta Tags

Description Output meta description, keywords, ogp, twitter cards on your site. Installation Upload the create-meta-tags folder to your plugins directory (e.g. /wp-content/plugins/) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in… Lees verder »

Content Anchor Links

Description This plugin adds a unique ID attribute to healings in your page and post content, and then makes those anchors available in the linking pop-up. This makes it very… Lees verder »


Description Vuebit automatically creates gif-like previews for every youtube video on your site. It also supports vimeo, dailymotion and streamable embedded videos. This plugin loads vuebit.js in your pages. Screenshots… Lees verder »