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Description CodePen is a ‘playground for the front end web’ where you can write public-facing HTML/CSS/JS demos, called pens. It’s a fountain of inspiration for web designers and a useful… Lees verder »

Ultimate Marketo Forms

Description Implementing full-featured Marketo lead forms on your WordPress website used to require days of expert-level custom coding. The Ultimate Marketo Forms for WordPress plugin contains the following features: Global… Lees verder »


Description This plugin is very, very simple. It represents the Swarm app place checkin in your personal blog! With just a few simple clicks you can create new checkins from… Lees verder »

Allure Gallery

Description The Allure Gallery plugin provides functionality for the native WordPress gallery to have one image on top with thumbnails underneath. Fully responsive. Screenshots Allure Gallery vs Native WP Gallery… Lees verder »

RecentNews ShortCode

Description RecentNews adds a shortcode [recentnews /] and a button to the editor A few notes to this plugin: Shortcode with default count/number of posts Example: [recentnews /] Shortcode with… Lees verder »

Preferred Locale

Description Sets the site locale dynamically according to visitor preference. This preference comes from the user’s browser. To install all available translations click the ‘Install All’ button in Settings-General. To… Lees verder »

Admin Toolbox

Description Take control with Admin Toolbox: Capture visit statistics, Two factor authentication (2FA), visual editor controls, wpautop, heartbeat, notifications, and enforce password reset best practices. Special Features Two-factor authentication (2FA)… Lees verder »

Upload Security

Description This plugin helps secure uploads by preventing unauthorized users from accessing your upload directory and stealing its content. Works by adding a blank index.php in every directory and sub… Lees verder »