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Description This plugin shows results of lottery in Turkey by getting data from the website link: Faq Installation Instructions 1.Download the plugin file ‘Lottery’ 2.After downloading plugin file upload Lottery.php… Lees verder »

TP Backup Automator

Description Regularly backing up your site is one of the most necessary things to avoid losing all your data. Every year, thousands of websites suffer from malicious codes, data loss,… Lees verder »

Taro Ad Fields

Description You can create ad slot for you WordPress theme. In each position, the latest ad field will be displayed. You can manage your advertisement’s schedule display! From Theme Call… Lees verder »

Secure Messaging

Description Automatically encrypt certain WordPress messages using your GPG public key to ensure no one but you can ever read the message. This is primarily used to secure password reset… Lees verder »

Nonprofit Board Management Files

Description IMPORTANT! This plugin extends the functionality of the “Nonprofit Board Management Plugin” by Wired Impact The purpose of this plugin is to extend the functionality of the Nonprofit Board… Lees verder »

TDT Lazyload

Description Save tons of bandwidth and make website load faster because it’s make image on website only load when it needs (scroll into the viewport) Faq Installation Instructions Download latest… Lees verder »


Description Paste screenshots and edit images directly in your wordpress admin. Use Painterro button to visual editor for images editing. Absolutely free and open source. With Painterro you can: Paste… Lees verder »