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Description Timeline Marketing is a form of content marketing that uses time to organize and present interactive content to audiences. As a marketing activity at the top of your sales… Lees verder »

REEVIOO customer reviews

Description With the REEVIOO plugin you can easily integrate REEVIOO’s JSON code for showing stars in Google. This plugin requires an ID from your account to function. The ID… Lees verder »


Description A lightweight, expressive query builder for WordPress. NInjaDB use the same $wbdp instance and methods, It will help you to write $wpdb queries easily and expressively. At least PHP… Lees verder »

GW CF7 Modal

Description This plugin will show selected Contact Form 7 form in modal window and some optional additional text and styling. Demo Check Demo Faq Note: this plugin applies only minimal… Lees verder »

Woocommerce Returnado

Description Returnado is your complete returns handling system that gives your WooCommerce store a top-of-the-line returns system, completely automated and digitalized. It provides your customers with an intuitive interface to… Lees verder »

Studio375 – Notifizzy

Description Enables Notifizzy advanced check for your website. Installation Upload the ‘studio375-notifizzy’ folder to the plugins directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Configure your Notifizzy token… Lees verder »

Hoo Contact Form

Description Hoo contact form plugin. Faq Tech Support Installation Instructions Unzip plugin files and upload them under your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Resulted names will be: ‘./wp-content/plugins/hoo-contact-form/*’ Activate plugin at “Plugins” administration… Lees verder »

Hello Phil

Description Inspired by “Hello Dolly”, this provides admins with a line from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”… because the internet needs more Phil Collins.

BlossomThemes Toolkit

Description BlossomThemes Toolkit is a lightweight and safe plugin that generates 12 much-necessary custom widgets. This plugin is optimized for BlossomTheme’s themes but also works great with other themes. Widgets… Lees verder »


Description This is the plugin which would help Movie Librarians to “Add Movies” instead of “Add Posts”. It also adds the Movie on BlogPage. Just install and start Adding! Faq… Lees verder »


Description Integration WooCommerce AmoCRM Features: Sync orders to lead via JSON REST API Simple settings Links Sources Page XT version Issues Installation This section describes… Lees verder »