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Alx Extensions

Description Extends AlxMedia themes with additional features such as social share links, custom sidebars, thumbnail image upscale and post format meta boxes. Also includes 2 flexible custom widgets, Alx Tabs… Lees verder »


Description A Complete link tracking platform for your WordPress. Capture incoming parameters and pass them to affiliate networks. Trace each click and see where most of your sales are coming… Lees verder »


Description What This is plugin for Qualzz is a FREE marketing tool trusted and used by online stores, websites and businesses across the web. Using Qualzz you can build an… Lees verder »

Thanks, GDPR

Description Redirects site visitors if they’re from the EU Faq Installation Instructions In your WordPress admin area, go to Plugins then choose Add New Search for this plugin, Thanks, GDPR… Lees verder »

Tailored Shortcodes

Description This plugin contains a helper to quickly add custom code (like forms or surveys) using shortcodes. It’s built by Tailored Media for use on our sites, but anyone is… Lees verder »

Scope Publisher

Description Please do not attempt to install and use this plugin if you are not a Scope client and have discussed a WordPress integration. Scope ( is a software provider… Lees verder »


Description Phototools replaces the default activity widget on the dashboard by three separate widgets with thumbnails. It’s mend to use with the other “phototools” plugins like geo2wp, exifwidget etc. The… Lees verder »

Adapta RGPD

Description Todas las empresas y profesionales deben adaptar sus páginas web al Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD) para cumplir la legalidad y evitar sanciones económicas que pueden ser… Lees verder »