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Description Simple WordPress plugin to Mass Convert Article To Gutenberg Block. Faq This plugin is still in the experimental and development stage, And don\’t try this plugin on your production… Lees verder »

Multi-Admin Log

Description Up until now, the way Agencies organize and manage the developers for work on various sites has been through email, chat or even phone calls. What Multi-Admin Log does… Lees verder »

Stop Automatic Updates

Description Upon activation, this plugin uses the “automatic_updater_disabled” filter to prevent automatic updates from being installed. It does not offer configuration, not even an options page in WP Admin. Simply… Lees verder »

CS Gallery

Description Responsive thumbnail grid and popup dialog for images/document-files/mp3sounds/embedded youtube videos. Pop-up fullsize image for each thumbnail with description-text. Filter by category, place, textsearch or filetype. Administrator can add and… Lees verder »


Description Usage [bioy lang=’en’ translation=’esv’ col=’3′ locale=’en_US’ display_current_month=’yes’] Optional Parameters translation is used to specify which translation you would like to be displayed. See for available translation col is… Lees verder »

Christmas Blocks

Description Add cute christmas decorations to your website. Credits Create Guten Block License MIT All images are public domain_… Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds a button to TinyMCE which is the wordpress default editor. By clicking on this button, you are asked to add a Glo3D url or Glo3D iframe… Lees verder »

WAJ Scripts

Description WordPress plugin for easily adding CSS stylesheets JavaScript files. Examples use WaughJ\WPScripts\WPStylesheets; WPStylesheets::register( ‘main’ ); use WaughJ\WPScripts\WPScripts; WPScripts::register( ‘blog’, true ); Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name… Lees verder »