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HSTS strict-preload

Description It adds HSTS headers to your wordpress site. No configuration required Arbitrary section You may provide arbitrary sections, in the same format as the ones above. This may be… Lees verder »

Сallback Samlab widget

Description Плагин предназначен для легкого создания виджета контактной формы для Вашео сайта. Этот виджет будет выполнять функцию “обратного звонка”. То есть на почту, указанную в настройках, Вам будет приходить номер… Lees verder »


Description Плагин выгружает информацию об объектах/агентах из ReCRM используя API Позволяет настроить категории недвижимости для импорта объектов в зависимости от их типа. Сохраняет изображения агентов и объектов на сервере… Lees verder »

Siiimple APH

Description L’extension Siiimple APH fournit une solution clé-en-main dédiée, simplifie l’interface d’administration WordPress et permet d’accéder facilement aux ressources de l’agence de marketing Siiimple. Changelog 1.0 Release Date: February 25th,… Lees verder »

Paack Delivery

Description Paack is a B2B2C ecommerce delivery solution which is fundamentally changing the online shopping experience. Precise services Time slot and specific day selection providing the best customer choice available… Lees verder »


Description A plugin to extend WordPress Gutenberg editor and allow for dynamic blocks to be built using custom queries. Custom Query Block Our first block, Custom Query Block allow for… Lees verder »

Automatic Translate Slug

Description This Plugin use Some Translate Provider to Translate Your Post Title into English as Post Slug, Then, Your Slug Didn\’t have a URL Encode String (like “%9e”). Faq Where… Lees verder »


Description Whether you manage your shipments yourself or subscribe to the Happyfret logistics service, you can benefit from the brokerage services to benefit from the best transport offers for your… Lees verder »

WooCommerce Cart PDF

Description Adds ability for users and guests to download their WooCommerce cart as PDF Useful for many cases such as if a user needs a quote before completing purchase Screenshots… Lees verder »

Ultimate Watermark

Description Watermark plugin for WordPress media. This plugins allows you to add watermark on images. Installation Upload the ultimate-watermark folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin… Lees verder »