Advanced Custom Fields: Image Aspect Ratio Crop Field


A field for Advanced Custom Field that forces the user to crop their image to specific aspect ratio after uploading. This is especially useful in responsive image use cases.

After cropping, a new cropped image variant is created in the gallery and saved into the post. Thumbnails are also generated for the new image. User can re-crop the original image at any time from the post page.

The cropped image variants are hidden by default in the media browser and on the media page but you can view them by selecting the “list view” on the media page.


This ACF field type is compatible with:

  • ACF 5


Special thanks to Anders Thorborg for ACF Image Crop which served as a inspiration for this plugin. Also, thanks to Fengyuan Chen for the cropper.js library!


  1. Cropping an image to 16:9 aspect ratio

    Cropping an image to 16:9 aspect ratio

  2. Cropping in progress

    Cropping in progress

  3. Option to re-crop the image after upload

    Option to re-crop the image after upload


Can I access metadata in the original image from a cropped image?

Yes, the original image data is saved under original_image key in the returned ACF array. You can access data such as alt text, description and title this way.

I have an issue or I want to contribute code

Please use the GitHub repository to raise issues about the plugin. You are also free to send a pull request on GitHub.

How is this different from the other plugin?

Advanced Custom Fields: Image Crop Add-on is based on exact image dimensions (like 640×480). This plugin uses an aspect ratio such as 4:3 instead. Using an aspect ratio is is more convenient when working with responsive images since you care about the aspect ratio more than pixel dimensions.

Of course, nothing will stop you from using an aspect ratio like 1200:630 which is similar to a pixel amount with this plugin, if you want.

Also, as of 2019, the other plugin is not actively maintained anymore and does not work well with latest ACF versions. I try to maintain this plugin as best as I can when new versions of ACF and WordPress come out.


  1. Copy the acf-image-aspect-ratio-crop folder into your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Activate the Image Aspect Ratio Crop plugin via the plugins admin page
  3. Create a new field via ACF and select the Image Aspect Ratio Crop type
  4. Read the description above for usage instructions



  • Fix: Allow cropping in cases when image is hosted remotely and is missing CORS headers


  • Fix: Fix issue where saving in image modal replaced cropped image with original when “Original image” was selected in “Image displayed in attachment edit modal dialog”
  • Fix: Actually save plugin version in the database for migration support
  • Fix: Get file hash in debug mode from file path instead of URL


  • Fix: Fix typo


  • Feature: Compatibility with WP Offload Media and similar plugins that move WordPress images to a remote location. Plugin will now attempt to fetch images from remote URLs if they are not found in the file system.
  • Breaking change: Due to new dependencies, PHP 5.5 is now the minimum required version


  • Fix: Fix deployment script


  • Feature: Handle translation through


  • Fix: Update readme


  • Fix: Update screenshots


  • Feature: It’s now possible to edit original image data instead of cropped image data when pressing the pencil button in the image field. This is handy if you have meta data such as alt text that you want to share between the original image and its cropped variants. Toggle this by selecting Settings in the plugin list.
  • Feature: There is now a progress indicator (spinner) displayed while the image is being cropped
  • Feature: If an error occurs while cropping an image, the error message is displayed inline in the modal instead of a browser alert window
  • Feature: Improved styles for the cropper
  • Feature: Modern and improved build process with webpack
  • Feature: Make it possible to localize UI texts


  • Fix: Bump supported WordPress version to 5.1


  • Fix: Update readme


  • Feature: Allow customizing file upload directory with filters aiarc_pre_customize_upload_dir and aiarc_after_customize_upload_dir


  • Fix: Update screenshots
  • Fix: Update WordPress compatibility information


  • Fix bug with detecting the same aspect ratio


  • Update compatibility information


  • Fix bug with detecting the same aspect ratio


  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issue where cropper sometimes showed a wrong image
  • Improved performance in cases uploaded image had the correct aspect ratio. Thanks to @hrohh on for the tip!


  • Fix incompatibility with ACF 5.7


  • Release on


  • Update readme


  • Fix issue where the cropper broke if multiple images were selected inside a repeater
  • Cropper is now disabled while cropping is in progress
  • Fix issue where is was not possible to re-crop image before saving the post


  • Initial Release.