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AVK-Shop – a plug of web shop in your WordPress, connects of payment systems, is ideal for people who have a need to sell any files on its web site (video tutorials, photographs, programs, etc.). The plugin can run on only that WordPress installed and the site is already having their records and pages.


AVK-Shop – это плагин интернет магазина в вашем WordPress, подключает платежные системы. Более подробное описание на русском языке вы можете прочитать на домашней странице плагина.


  1. Page main settings

    Page main settings

  2. Page payment systems and log

    Page payment systems and log

  3. Page tools

    Page tools

  4. Add items to the editor

    Add items to the editor


  1. Upload avkshopweb20 folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Set and keep all options on the page plugin AVK-Shop General settings
  4. Go to page AVK-Shop Tools and create a database table (table data required for the plugin)
  5. That’s all!)


Create a table in the database should only be after configure and save all of the options on the page AVK-Shop General settings

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  • Added check authorization data from the widget. Now, if the user entered is not correct username or password, he is redirected to the login page with reCAPTCHA.


  • Admin panel, page User with Buyer role – opportunity was added to track Buyer’s activity, i.e. which goods were purchased and how many downloads of payable and free goods were made.
  • When adding goods, after loading of the file the file name in the field “Product Name” is automatically inserted. “The product name” can be changed by you at any time.


  • first version