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BA Book Everything plugin – the really fast and powerful Booking engine with management system for theme/site developers to create any booking or rental sites (tours, hostels, apartments, cars, events etc., or all together). It’s highly customizable with hooks, so you need to have some programming skills to drive it on the top gear in your project. But even “out of the box” the plugin is ready for use and could be sufficient in many cases – Try Demo and Read details.

Docs Support

You can find Docs and more detailed information about BA Book Everything on If you were unable to find the answer to your question in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.


  • Booking rules for nights, days or event booking
  • Custom categories (tours, hotels, apartments, cars, events etc.) with own booking rules
  • Easy to create custom taxonomies from the administrator screen to use them when editing booking objects
  • Easy to create schedule and prices
  • Exclude certain dates from availability calendar
  • Setup prices for any age categories (customizable)
  • Promotional: discount Coupons, discounted prices with time constraints
  • Full control on the Booking process – e-mail confirmations and notifications, customizable booking form, checkout form, option for manually availability confirmation (both email and admin dashboard)
  • Availability calendar with prices, synchronized with booking form widget
  • Widgets: booking form, search form, taxonomy terms filter, prices filter
  • Shortcode [all-items]
  • 5 star rating integrated with WP comments
  • Services and FAQ post types
  • Google Maps API intergrated to show address map or find nearest meeting points (for tours etc.)
  • Internationalized and Translation ready
  • Multilanguage support for qTranslate-x plugin
  • Hooks for customization (developers)
  • and more…

Available in Addons

  • PayPal payments
  • Credit Cards payments with Stripe, including 3D Secure, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay and the Payment Request API
  • Backend bookings from dashboard: creating, editing, cancelation, manual refund (full or partial)
  • Editing/cancelation orders for both customers and administrators, extra charge, full or partial refund
  • Custom refund rules
  • iCal synchronization
  • anything else on request

You can find Addons and more detailed information about BA Book Everything on



  1. Upload the ‘ba-book-everything’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the BA Book Everything plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to BA Settings menu to make main settings.
  4. Go to BA Book Everything menu to create age categories (if needed), first booking rule, first category (tour, apartment, etc.). Create custom taxonomies and add your first booking object with created category.
  5. Go to Appearance Widgets menu to add booking form, search form and search filters to front-end pages.


  1. Start learning hooks and functions from BABE_html class.



  • [New] Added user registration form
  • Fixed bug: the map section is displayed on the item page when it is turned off in the category
  • Various bugs fixed


  • Updated modal window styles


  • Speed optimization
  • Fixed js bug with undefined variable


  • Fixed email styles


  • Added related booking objects option on booking object edit page
  • Added email message settings to plugin’s settings page
  • Added new hooks
  • Added option “Use Gutenberg for booking object posts”


  • Fixed js bug with applying coupon on checkout


  • [New] Added order statuses “canceled” and “completed”
  • [New] Added setting to booking object to exclude certain dates from availability calendar
  • [New] Added shortcode [all-items]
  • [New] Ready for BABE Backoffice addon
  • Added support WP local timezone for current datetime calculation
  • Added some hooks
  • Improved payments class with refund support
  • Fixed bug with PHP 7.2 compatibility of CMB2 plugin


  • Fixed bug with assigning taxonomies terms when updating the booking object post


  • [New] Added setting “Add services to booking form”
  • [New] Added setting “Remove unitegallery from booking object pages”
  • [New] Added setting “Remove google map from booking object pages”
  • [New] Added setting “Remove availability calendar from booking object pages”
  • [New] Added setting “Waiting before delete orders with “payment processing” status”
  • Added some hooks
  • Improved booking form elements
  • Improved styles of checkout form elements
  • Updated price calculation for ‘day’ basic booking period
  • Fixed bug with updating the availability calendar on saving a booking object post


  • Improved and added some hooks
  • Improved booking form elements
  • Added time select to booking form elements for ‘day’ basic booking period (useful for car booking, etc.)


  • Ready to integrate payment gateways
  • Added some hooks


  • [New] Added discount Coupons.
  • Fixed bug with reset password on My Account page
  • Added some hooks


  • [New] Added My account front end page to manage bookings for customer and manager roles.
  • Meeting points addresses moved to ‘place’ post type
  • Improved and added some filters
  • Fixed bug with price calculation


  • Initial release.