BTCN Payment Gateway Service Integration for WooCommerce


Requires: WooCommerce 3.0+

Also requires: BTCN Payment Gateway Service

This plugin adds BitcoiNote as payment method for WooCommerce. It integrates to the BTCN Payment Gateway Service.

When an order is submitted, the order will be placed “on-hold”. Once payment is confirmed, it will be moved to “completed”. From the “order received” page (which is additionally linked in the “order received” email), the user will be able to complete payment in case it was aborted somehow (cancelled, expired, tab closed, etc.).


What does the gateway URL configuration mean?

You need to also have the BTCN Gateway Service installed. See instructions there.

What is the text domain for translations?

The text domain is wc-gateway-btcn.


  1. Be sure you’re running WooCommerce 3.0+ in your shop.
  2. Be sure you’ve set up the BTCN Payment Gateway Service.
  3. You can: (1) upload the entire BTCN-WooCommerce-Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, (2) upload the .zip file with the plugin under Plugins Add New Upload
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  5. Go to WooCommerce Settings Payments and select “BitcoiNote” to configure
  6. Set the gateway URL, username, password and IPN secret.