CartMagnet Publisher Script

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Cart Magnet™ is a widget for content websites that automatically makes products purchasable directly from the content, without redirecting website visitors outside. The outcome is a frictionless, native purchase experience that not only converts better, but also doesn’t consume traffic while doing so.
Demonstration video


  • Empowers your website visitors by offering relevant enriched product information.
  • Prevents your visitors from leaving your website in search for product related info.
  • Allows your visitors to 1-click-purchase directly from the content.
  • Generating revenue for the website owner, without redirecting traffic outside of the website.

What does the cart magnet plugin do?

  • the plugin inserts our script into each of the website’s pages.
  • the script sends our server the text within each page.
  • our backend checks for appearance of products within the text.
  • once a product is identified with in the text, we mark the product name within the website, in order to indicate to the website visitor that it is purchasable.
  • when a website visitor hovers over the marked product name, a secure iframe is opened, allowing the website visitor to purchase the product.


Will your script slow my pages loading?

No. Our script kicks in only after your page finishes loading.This is why, sometimes you may notice your content is being marked with our ‘buy buttons’ only a few seconds after the page has completed loading.

After embedding the script, what do I need to do in order to start generating revenue?

Absolutely nothing! The system is completely automatic. You will gradually notice products on your content becoming purchasable. In order to collect your revenue, after embedding please contact, so we can set up your account.

How do I collect my earnings?

Our customer service will contact you up to 48 hours after installing our plug in, in order to set up your account. Payouts are every month, after reaching a minimum of 25$.


  1. From your WordPress administrator panel, go to ‘Plugins’ page, and click on the ‘Add New’ button.
  2. On the search box enter ‘cartMagnet publisher script’ and press enter.
  3. Find the ‘CartMagnet publisher script’ plugin in the search results and click ‘Install Now’.
  4. After the plugin will be installed successfully, click on ‘Activate’. That’s all.