CashTippr Woocommerce Addon

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Earn money by selling products (digital and real world) in your online store using Bitcoin Cash payments.

Advantages Features:

  • adds a Bitcoin BCH payment option to your Woocommerce store
  • 0 coding skills required
  • on-chain payments without going through a 3rd party

Check the demo at and send me a tip to support development.

Easy Setup:

  • install Woocommerce and the CashTippr main plugin
  • install this CashTippr Woocommerce plugin. That’s all!

Advanced Features:

  • configurable if you want to accept 0-conf payments or wait for more confirmations
  • allow every merchant selling products in your store to receive money directly to his BCH address
  • affiliate program by simply adding a BCH address to the URL of the product (coming soon)
  • accept BCH tokens as payment (coming soon)

This plugin loads code API code from to interact with BadgerWallet.


  1. The WooCommerce checkout page

    The WooCommerce checkout page

  2. WooCommerce payment gateway settings in Admin Area

    WooCommerce payment gateway settings in Admin Area


Is this plugin for free?

Yes this plugin is completely free.


Just install it from the WordPress plugin store or upload the file via your browser in your WordPress plugin page.



  • Initial release.