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Users List Table

Description Plugin that creates a custom HTML table with a list of users that we can filter by role and order them in alphabetical order by display name and username… Lees verder »

Easy Liveblogs

Description Covering a conference, sports event, breaking news or other quickly developing events? You want your readers to be updated as quickly as possible. The best way to do that… Lees verder »


Description This plugin ensures that the SpinupWP page cache is cleared when your site’s content changes. Not using SpinupWP yet? Sign up here. SpinupWP is a modern server control panel… Lees verder »

Plus WebP

Description Generate WebP Generate WebP file when adding image file in Media Library. Generate WebP from all the images in the background. Optionally, Can replace image files with WebP when… Lees verder »

myGDEX for WooCommerce

Description myGDEX for WooCommerce is GDEX’s official extension for WooCommerce on WordPress. Manage your domestic and international shipments easily. FEATURES – Fast and easy consignment note creation of your domestic… Lees verder »

Post Thank you

Description Plugin adds ‘Thank you for reading!’ message in end of each post published. Version 1.0.0 Faq Do I need to do any setting after installation. The plugin automatically adds… Lees verder »

Audio Envelope

Description This plugin renders an audio player and playlist for all audio elements within a page. It pulls together disparate audio files listed in posts (typically in the excerpts in… Lees verder »


Description Bibot will protect your WordPress! No more spam comments and brute-force attacks against user accounts. Lightweight plugin – just few KBs to download and no ads! Users are required… Lees verder »

Electric Backups

Description Automatically create backups of your WordPress database. This plugin will create a daily sql file backup of your WordPress database in the /wp-content/backups directory, so that you can easily… Lees verder »

ScanForPay – Alipay AlipayHK Payment Solutions for WooCommerce

Description ScanForPay為使用WooCommerce的香港商戶提供Alipay AlipayHK的收款服務, 並同時支持PC和移動端. 對於您的客人: 使用內地版支付寶或者香港版AlipayHK支付您商城的訂單. 對於您: 結算港幣到您的銀行帳戶. 為什麼選擇我們? 同時支持內地和香港支付寶收款, 無須開多個帳戶, 擴大您的客人範圍. 免費開通, 沒有安裝費、月費、年費等費用. 您的資金完全由支付寶為您結算, 安全有保障. 結算週期T+2, 方便您的資金流動. ScanForPay是支付寶官方授權的ISV(技術服務商), 可以為您訂製更多的個性化需求 如何使用 在使用插件前您需要先申請一個商戶版的支付寶商戶, 您可以訪問我們的網站, 也可以直接通过电话联系我们. 當您申請好帳戶後, 安裝此插件, 並將我們給您的商戶id, partnerNo等填入對應的設置裡, 就可以立即開始使用了. 聯絡電話:… Lees verder »


Description Provides integration with to display events on your WordPress website. Installation Enable the plugin as normal for your system. Once activated: 1. Visit the Widgets page. Here you… Lees verder »