CBX Office Opening Business Hours

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This plugin helps to display any office or commercial entitity’s business hours or office opening/close hours in tabular or compact form in various
ways. This plugin can display for a specific date.

The business hours can be displayed in:
– Frontend Widget
– Shortcode
– Dashboard Widget (Role check option who can see)
– Custom function to call in theme or other plugin to display in custom way
– Elementor widget
– Gutenberg widget coming soon!

Business hours display setting:
– Compact or not (Compact means show same setting day together as range)
– Time format – 24 hour or 12 hour
– Day name format – short day name or long day name
– 7 week days or single day/current day or custom date

Shortcode Format: [cbxbusinesshours]

See shortcode params details in our product description page


  1. Admin: Seven days setting

    Admin: Seven days setting

  2. Admin: Setting

    Admin: Setting

  3. Admin: Widget setting

    Admin: Widget setting

  4. Public: Widget frontend display

    Public: Widget frontend display

  5. Admin: Dashboard widget

    Admin: Dashboard widget

  6. Admin: Dashboard widget setting

    Admin: Dashboard widget setting

  7. Admin: Shortcode in article/page edit

    Admin: Shortcode in article/page edit

  8. Public: Shortcode output in frontend display

    Public: Shortcode output in frontend display

  9. Elementor widget support

    Elementor widget support


WordPress plugin dir has a very good article about how to install or manage plugin install which is best and we suggest to follow that
This plugin can be install like any other wordpress plugin.



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