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ChordPress pretty-prints ChordPro formatted text files on your pages and posts. ChordPro is a simple text syntax standard used to write lead sheets, the lyrics and chords of a song. ChordPro also comes with a command line tool that pretty prints that text into other formats like PDF.
You can read all about ChordPro here:

The ChordPress plugin allows to put ChordPro text inside its shortcode tags on a page or post and will pretty print it when the web page is displayed.

Simply insert a ChordPro text inbetween the [chordpress] and [/chordpress] tags and it will be rendered based on the default options of the plugin. You can change these default settings on the plugin’s option page.

The shortags allow specifying custom options that will overwrite the defaults.
For example: [chordpress transpose=”1″] will transpose the chords rendered by one semitone.

Read more details about this plugin here:
Chordpress Plugin Homepage

Credits for the beautiful icon go to Ahkâm:
Chordpress Plugin Icon


ChordPress renders the lyrics/chord format of ChordPro.

ChordPress supports the following ChordPro tags:
* {album}
* {artist}
* {composer}
* {subtitle}
* {title}
* {year}
* {meta} for all of the above

ChordPress supports custom CSS for the following ChordPro tags:
* {comment}
* {start_of_chorus}, {end_of_chorus}
* {start_of_verse}, {end_of_verse}

ChordPress supports note/chord translations
* Chord transponation
* H/B Notation


  1. Enter a [chordpress] shortcode in your page or post editor
  2. Paste your ChordPro text right after it
  3. Enter the closing [/chordpress] shortcode

Optional shortcode parameters
* transpose=”#” Enter a positive or negative number for the amount of semitones to transpose the chords
* hbnotation=”yes” Input is H/B notation (using H for B and Bb for B). Wether it is displayed as such is defined on the Options page.

Use the “ChordPress” sub-menu of your backend Settings to change the default settings.


Choose your preferred support channel:
1. WordPress Support Forum
2. Support Forum
3. Jira Service Desk


  1. ChordPress Display Options

    ChordPress Display Options

  2. ChordPress Formatting Options

    ChordPress Formatting Options

  3. ChordPro text in editor

    ChordPro text in editor

  4. Rendered text on webpage

    Rendered text on webpage


Why are empty ChordPro lines not rendered ?

Empty lines are stripped from shortcode content and are not passed to the plugin. A good way to work around that is to use the {start_of_verse}/{start_of_chorus} tags and give them a top/bottom margin on the options page.


Backend Installation

  1. Go to Plugin page
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter ChordPress in search field
  4. Install and Activate

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin ZIP file
  2. Unpack the ZIP file locally
  3. Upload the ‘chordpress’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin on the ‘Plugins’ page of your WordPress backend



  • Fixed: Bass notes were not rendered correctly, e.g. A/C#
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.1


  • Readme update


  • Added screenshots, icons and banners


  • Fixed hard coded image path


  • Initital development for