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ClickToWhat allows you to have a button in your website so your customers can reach you directly in your WhatsApp number within one click.

If the user navigates from a non-mobile device, the widget will check if the person has the WhatsApp app installed and then will open it. Otherwise, it will open WhatsApp Web.
If the user navigates from a mobile device, the widget will open directly the WhatsApp app.

Simply register in our website by clicking here and you will get a custom setup for your button.


  • Skips the desktop WhatsApp redirect page
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Embeddable in any kind of WordPress page
  • Hide the button based on post types
  • Support contact (when registering in the ClickToWhat site)


Made with šŸ’™ under the sea by Sirena


1) Register in the ClickToWhat Site
2) You will get a Token associated to your configuration
3) Install the ClickToWhat Plugin in your WordPress site
4) Insert the Token in the ClickToWhat settings page in your WordPress Admin panel (you can access this page from Dashboard -- Settings -- ClickToWhat)
5) Done! Your button is in your site.