Content Repeater – Custom Posts Simplified


Content Repeater is designed to quickly set up custom content types like Testimonials, Coupons, Products, Flipboxes, Entry Portals, Portfolios, Before Afters and what not, and display them in fancy ways: Ajax Reload, Masonry, Isotope, Slick Slider, Single Row, Simple List.

Content Repeater simplifies the process of managing and displaying custom posts. Typically, there are at least three steps for displaying custom post content on the frontend:

  1. Register a custom post type specifying all its options.
  2. Create custom fields (field groups)
  3. Create a post type template (single-{post_type}.php) in the theme folder

Content Repeater reduces step #1 to a single name-entry action, and merges steps #2 and #3 into one. Custom fields are assigned right in the Template Editor, and you don’t have to add any files to your theme. Displaying custom content is as simple as inserting a shortcode from the editor’s toolbar.


  • Set up custom content types with a single action
  • Quickly add slug for single post frontend view
  • Quickly add categories when needed
  • Content type icon selector
  • Template Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Separate Template Editor for the single post view (when slug is defined)
  • Custom fields shortcodes generator/inserter
  • field types: Post Title, Post URL, Post ID, Featured Image, Site URL, Plugin URL, Text (single line), Textarea, Images / Gallery, Color, Date, Icon, Dropdown, Checkboxes
  • Default values for fields
  • Conditional shortcodes (e.g. [if field=”Sale Price”]…[/if])
  • Custom formatting per post type
  • Custom classes per post type
  • Custom CSS per post type (with syntax highlighting)
  • Custom Javascript per post type (with syntax highlighting)
  • Adding external CSS and Javascript files per post type
  • Drag drop post ordering
  • Duplicate Post
  • Publish Add New
  • Shortcode inserter
  • Available Repeaters: Ajax Reload, Masonry, Isotope, Slick Slider, Single Row
  • Pre-built Templates: Testimonials, Coupons, Products (with Magnifier), Flipboxes, Entry Portals, Portfolios (with Gallery), Before Afters (using TwentyTwenty)
  • Export / import plugin settings
  • Bulk rename custom fields per post type
  • Responsive Components integration (custom classes based on element width)


  1. Content types

    Content types

  2. Template


  3. Template syntax

    Template syntax

  4. Template shortcodes inserter / generator

    Template shortcodes inserter / generator

  5. Repeaters


  6. Fields



  1. Install
  2. Activate
  3. Create content types
  4. Create a Template or use a pre-built one
  5. Add content
  6. Insert Repeaters into posts or pages



Release Date – 7 March 2019


fixed images field sorting issue


add options to slider field: nolink, fullheight


minor localization changes, slider field improvements


fix empty fields not saving


field inserter improvements


fix post sorting issue
fix isotope selected class


improve icon field


fix opacity issue for IE11


fix jQuery syntax for IE11


fix Testimonials template loading


fix meta boxes


add post__in argument to shortcodes


isotope: add child class