Cost of Goods for WooCommerce

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Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin lets you save WooCommerce products purchase costs.

For variable products costs can be saved for each variation separately or for all variations at once.

There are options to select which admin columns to add:

  • product cost,
  • product profit,
  • order cost,
  • order profit.

Included bulk edit costs tool allows you to bulk edit all products costs from a single page.

Import costs tool is available if you need to import costs from another product metas.

Pro plugin version has options to recalculate orders cost and profit (for all orders or only for orders with no costs).


  • We are open to your suggestions and feedback. Thank you for using or trying out one of our plugins!
  • Please visit Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin page.


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Start by visiting plugin settings at “WooCommerce Settings Cost of Goods”.


1.2.0 – 17/05/2019

  • Dev – Tools – “Bulk Edit Costs” tool added.
  • Dev – Admin settings descriptions updated etc.
  • Dev – Minor code refactoring.
  • WC tested up to: 3.6.
  • Tested up to: 5.2.

1.1.1 – 19/12/2018

  • Fix – Core – add_cost_input_shop_order() – Getting order on AJAX correctly now.

1.1.0 – 06/12/2018

  • Fix – Comma decimal separator bug fixed.
  • Dev – Profit in percent added to profit HTML output.
  • Dev – Cost meta changed from _alg_cost to _alg_wc_cog_cost.
  • Dev – Forcing cost of goods to be always set excluding taxes.
  • Dev – Saving costs as order item meta.
  • Dev – Saving total cost and profit as order meta.
  • Dev – Import Costs Tool – Code optimized.
  • Dev – Major code refactoring.
  • Dev – Plugin URI updated.
  • Pro – Dev – “Recalculate orders cost and profit for all orders” option added.
  • Pro – Dev – “Recalculate orders cost and profit for orders with no costs” option added.

1.0.1 – 17/05/2018

  • Fix – Cost not saved for simple products – bug fixed.
  • Fix – Admin settings link fixed.

1.0.0 – 10/05/2018

  • Initial Release.