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This is Google Map Direction plugin used to display direction path in map or way for how you can go from source place to destination place.This plugin will display dynamic path and user can view any direction by entering just both source place and destination place value.Now, Widget is available in this plugin. So you can directly use widget to display google map directions.

This plugin is also provide color Map option. so you can manage color of map from admin and as per given color map will looks.

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  1. Direction Map settings page.

    Direction Map settings page.

  2. Map front view(main view)

    Map front view(main view)

  3. Widget view(Admin panel)

    Widget view(Admin panel)

  4. Color Map view

    Color Map view

  5. Color Map settings view in admin panel

    Color Map settings view in admin panel


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  1. Upload map_direction to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [map-data] shortcode in post or page of your templates
  4. Now,You can directly use as widget.


added zoom level and center address option
Solve google map javascript loading issue

Latitude and longitude generate as per center address
solvedzoom level problem

Added width,height and views option for Map
Width,height and views of map managed from admin

Added widget option for a plugin
Solve display errors for Map

Added color Map option so user can choose different color for a map
Solve width and height style issue.


Widget function changed.
Added default end address