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☛ This plugin allow you to accept donation (payments) using Paytm. It’s simply add form that user will fill, when user submit the form he will redirected to Paytm website to complete his transaction and on completion his payment, paytm will redirect user back to your website along with transactions details. This plugin uses server-to-server verification to add additional security layer for validating transactions. Admin can also see all transaction details with payment status by going to “Donation with paytm”. All transaction history will stored in databse and also listing in backend.


  1. Donation with paytm plugin settngs

    Donation with paytm plugin settngs

  2. Donation form

    Donation form

  3. Order listing1. screenshot-1.png

    Order listing1. screenshot-1.png


How can I become a merchant on Paytm?

Choose whether you want to apply for our online payment solutions for the app or web, or start accepting Paytm in your retail store. In case you want to accept Paytm in your shop, click on ‘Get your Paytm QR Code’ and sign up for your free Paytm account. Fill up a simple online form and click on ‘Next’.

Can we transfer money from credit card to Paytm?

The platform does not charge any fee to transfer back the amount in the wallet to a user’s bank account. In a blog post written on Wednesday, Paytm said, “Paytm pays hefty charges when you use your credit card at card networks and issuing banks.

Does Paytm accept international cards?

Paytm Only Accepts INR Payments. So according to paytm rules and regulation you can’t use international cards to add money in wallet. May be they will start accepting international credit cards in future. … If yes then yes you can add money with that card to PayTM wallet.

Is there any charges for Paytm merchant?

You can do transactions/pay to our offline merchants, online merchants, shop or recharge at Paytm. As a Paytm Basic Wallet (a non KYC user), you cannot add or receive money in your Paytm wallet. … With Paytm, accept payment directly in your bank account at 0% charges up to Rs.1 lakh.


  1. Download Donation with paytm plugin
  2. Upload this all plugin files in “wp-content/plugins/” directory
  3. Install and activate the plugin from WordPress admin panel
  4. Select “Paytm Settings” from menu list and update Paytm configuration values provided by Paytm team
  5. Use this shortcode “[paytmcheckout]” any where as your wish.
  6. Your WordPress Donation plugin is now setup. You can now accept donation payment through Paytm.


✅ User can able to put donation amount
✅ Put the form details
✅ You can take shortcode and put any post or pages as your wish
✅ Backend paytm configuration
✅ Backend order listing



  • Release Date: May 23rd, 2019 , initial release.


  • Updated settings saved message#1


  • Backend UI improved#2