Dynamic Blogname

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This plugin allows you to change and rotate the title of your blog dynamicaly.

If you wanna see a new site title (blogname) every time you load or refresh your blog you need to install this plugin and set a list of possible titles for rotation on ‘Appearance – Dynamic Blogname’ option page according to the following rule: 1 row – 1 title.


Please, send your questions to mail@andrewkiselev.com.


Just click on the button “Add New” in Plugin section of your WordPress blog’s Control panel šŸ™‚



  • The first stable workin’ release at the WordPress.org plugin repository.


  • Fixed mistake in titles.txt’s location code that leads to excessive load.


  • Titles’ list is no longer stored in an external file. All the plugins data handled with an Option mechanism.
  • Added ‘Option Page’ that availible in Appearance menu.
  • Default value for blogname after activation is a current blogname.