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JPEGcrypto safeguards JPEG images on your web site from ‘copyright violation’. Advanced feature provides supremely strong protection with RSA-4096 bit crypto used by Gov and Mil organizations. Works with major Lightbox scripts cooperatively.



Basic features

  • No effect to seo indexing by search engines
  • Compatible with both pc mobile with all major browsers
  • Stability by client-side-processing clean uninstall-ability
  • Disabled saving an image by long-press (Mobile)
  • Disabled saving an image by both right-click drag-n-drop (PC)
  • Guarded images remain link-able (PC, Mobile)
  • Text selectable copi-able for viewer convenience (PC, Mobile)
  • Screenshot jamming by watching keys window status (PC)
  • WooCommerce product images guarded (PC, Mobile)
  • Automatic guard deactivation for admin login (PC, Mobile)
  • Protects ‘Lightboxed’ images too (PC, Mobile)

Advanced feature

An image encrypted in JPEGcrypto format can not be saved as it is seen even when tried to be saved by analyzing html source code. Also displayed images can have dynamically-generated watermark that let you identify by whom and when copied it. This feature let you set ‘expiration date’ and ‘granted website’ with your images. When you pass an encrypted image to your clients, they can display your images only within your grant.

Encrypting and decrypting are done not with apps to be installed in your system but with our remote API server. All users have ‘free plan user’ privilege with 100 calls/mth once the plugin gets activated. Please subscrive to our advanced plan when more professional service is needed.

  • image encryption/decryption for digital copyright control (PC, Mobile)

*** Lightbox ***

JPEGcrypto’s advanced feature works fine with major Lightbox scripts.

  • Works best with: WP jQuery Lightbox, Responsive Lightbox Gallery
  • Works with: SwipeBox, prettyPhoto, FancyBox, Image Lightbox, Magnific Popup
  • Doesn’t work with: Nivo Lightbox, TosRUs, Featherlight

Quick references

  • service homepage: English
  • account creation: English

Known conflicts

  • Certain portion of WP Themes intentionally refuse Java Script to be inserted by plugins (e.g. Rambo by webriti)
  • This plugin might not work as expected when plugings that effect to tags (e.g. Jetpack) are installed
  • This plugin basically does not work when your server is located in intranet (see faq to make it work)

FAQ and Support


Communication in both of English and Japanese acceptable, but better in English so all users can see what you mean to say for information sharing. Please note that we prioritize ‘paid service member’. Also we do not promise to make modification because of your request. We prioritize tasks and deploy ones every 3 month periodically.


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  1. Install using WordPress installer, or upload whole of this plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Go admin panel. Find ‘JPEGcrypto’ just below ‘Media’ in the left menu.
  3. Activate it (please do not forget to do this).
  4. Please note that media guard is deactivated automatically when you are logged-in as an site administrator, so please log-out once to see JPEGcrypto is working decintly with your site.



  • Updated to work fine with major Lightbox scripts
  • Performance of server-side scripts improved
  • Error handling in encryption process improved


  • Has been complied to WordPress 5.1 Betty
  • Image encryptipn tool has been integrated with WordPress editor and Media Gallery
  • Insertion of ‘protect_image’ is not mandetory any more
  • Attributes of encrypted images are displayed
  • Added another tool for easy snippet share
  • Allocated independent Mime-Type to encrypted image in WordPress
  • Security optimization


  • Has been complied to WordPress 5.0
  • Multilingual UI (English Japanese)
  • Removed limitation with ‘expiration date’ in encrypting images (used to be 1 year at longest)
  • JPEGcrypto account ID expressly displayed in encryption tool


  • Service name change from ‘Eclips Media Guard’ to ‘JPEGcrypto’
  • API URL change


  • Professional features has been refined


  • Japanese translation has been added


  • Simplified setting view
  • Made ‘deactivate for admin login’ optional/selectable
  • Made ‘screenshot jamming’ optional/selectable
  • Made ‘screenshot jamming’ speed quicker


  • WooCommerce product image guard added


  • Enhanced fundamental functions, Added advanced features, Optimized UIs


  • First release version