Elegant Blocks – Amazing Gutenberg Blocks

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Elegant Blocks is an assemblage of unique blocks specifically designed for CycloneThemes Themes. All the available themes that can be used with this plugin are listed below.

Elegant Blocks WordPress Theme

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  1. Slider Block

    Slider Block

  2. Call To Action Block

    Call To Action Block

  3. Instagram Block

    Instagram Block

  4. Team Block

    Team Block

  5. Testimonial Block

    Testimonial Block

  6. Progress Bar Block

    Progress Bar Block

  7. Tabs Block

    Tabs Block

  8. Blog Block

    Blog Block

  9. Gallery Block

    Gallery Block

  10. Services Block

    Services Block

  11. Accordion Block

    Accordion Block

  12. Social Icons Block

    Social Icons Block

  13. Pricing Table Block

    Pricing Table Block