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GDPRess is providing tools for privacy.

Major features in GDPress include :

  • a privacy request form
  • a menu in the admin_bar to see at once confirmed privacy requests

Technical Details

  1. Nothing in particular.


GDPRess is not calling any external services
and for now is not using any external software other than WordPress core.


  1. Request Form (TwentyTen to TwentyNineteen )

    Request Form (TwentyTen to TwentyNineteen )

  2. Nice Admin Bar Menu

    Nice Admin Bar Menu

  3. Nice Widget animation

    Nice Widget animation




Upload the GDPRess plugin to your blog, Activate it.

To set up the privacy request form you have not less than 4 options :

The first option is just what you need for your privacy page.
Usually, this page do not have comments opened.
It requires to copy in your wordpress theme folder two files,
and maybe a quick and fast adaptation to your theme :

  • a page template
  • a file template

9 samples are provided in gdpress/gp-content/themes

The last 3 options (yes 3) are the same form with a nice animation :

  • a widget
  • a shortcode [gdpress]
  • or in your php code


** 1.0 ** 2019/04/10

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