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Easily design images or animations for your post as you write. Access millions of free stock photos, amazing text effects and stunning SVG stickers. The image is pre-sized to post perfectly on Twitter or Facebook. On your website, visitors see the crisp SVG version which looks great on all screen resolutions. All SVG comes from where it is checked for safety and fast load time. You need an API key from to use this plugin; after registering, look for the link ‘My Api Key’.

Tutorials and Demos

More features

  • Gutenberg Blocks – Ornate Separator divides paragraphs or highlights quotes in style. More blocks in development. Demos
  • Fonts – use our suggested font variations or set your own Google font.
  • Quotes – seamlessly pull quotes from Wikiquote the largest quote collection on the internet.
  • Image Filters – hundreds of filters to enhance your images, including background stripping (only works for solid color backgrounds).
  • Templates – speed up the design process with hundreds of pre-designed templates.
  • Animations – add slide-in, fade-in, zoom-in and more effects including path animations (only SVG can do this).
  • Fast-Safe SVG – all SVG comes from where it is checked for safety and fast load time.
  • Fallbacks – All modern browsers now support SVG. Older browsers fall back to the original image.

About Genolve

Genolve hosts the internet’s largest collection of evolving shapes and designs. The designs evolve using simulated evolution. Whenever you click on a design, new variations of that design are automatically generated. Anything you create will be unique; found nowhere else but on your site. New designs added daily by artists and generative art experts. Find out more. Terms of Use.


Genolve is free to use! Just get your API key on and you’re all set. Get a Premium membership to unlock even more designs and capabilities.


  1. Plugin in use screenshot-1.png (v 1.1)

    Plugin in use screenshot-1.png (v 1.1)

  2. Setup options screen screenshot-2.png (v 1.1)

    Setup options screen screenshot-2.png (v 1.1)


Where is the demo?

Design Editor Tutorials, Try out the Design Editor, For a site using Genolve try Wild Web Widget

Why do I need an API key?

The plugin remotely use the SVG designs on and the API key is used to link you to your account on Genolve. It adds extra security.

How do I contact you if I have questions/suggestion?

Please contact us via the Contact page or
Suggestion page
we’d love to hear from you.


Installation Steps

  1. Add the Genolve Toolkit Plugin via the WordPress Plugins menu.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go the dashboard and enter your API key



Initial version.