Gutenslider – Gutenberg Slider Block


With Gutenslider, enhancing your blog or website is easier than ever:

  1. Simply add the Gutenslider Block from the Gutenberg backend
  2. Select images from your Media Library
  3. Customize Gutenslider to your needs in the Backend
  4. Add any Block you like on top
  5. Awesome Slider integrated! 👩‍🎤

Gutenslider is different than the other slideshows, carousels or sliders on the wordpress market.
It offers easy to use slider creation within the Gutenberg editing experience. It does not slide content, but background images. That means, your content stays the same while it gets appealingly illustrated by changing backgrounds. Great for headings,
call to actions or anything you can think of. Just add any Gutenberg block on top and get started. And of course it is responsive.

Gutenslider is built using WordPress, CSS, Javascript, best practices both on the front and the backend. And it’s seo optimized. It makes use of the new Gutenberg powers built in react. As a result, it is robust, easy to use and lightning fast. It works with any theme. Go and check it out.

Live Examples

Plugin Features

  • very easy to use because its a Gutenberg block
  • add up to 5 slides
  • change the transition mode (fade or slide)
  • add any content on top that you want
  • make it full or wide aligned
  • change the text-color of the blocks that you add on top
  • select spacing top / bottom and left / right
  • Full Screen version

Plugin Pro Features 💎

  • add parallax to your sliders
  • unlimited amount of slides (in fact its 999 ☺️)
  • change the transition time (the length of the fade/slide transition)
  • change the time of a slide
  • add color overlays to your slider
  • add arty effects to the content you add on top
  • … and of course all free features

Installation 🔧

Quick and Fast:

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for “Gutenslider”
  3. Click “Install”
  4. Activate the Gutenslider Plugin on your Plugins Menu

Experienced Users (same result):

  1. Upload the gutenslider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Can you provide support?

Yes, just post a question on the support tab, and we will answer as soon as

Can you add this feature I need?

We are happy to extend Gutenslider to our users’ needs. Just contact us on our
website at and we will see
what we can do.

Visit us 🔗

Visit us on to see a full overview
of features or follow our blog.

Powered by

Gutenslider is made possible by awesome developers who release their code under reusable licenses. We use the following open source software:

  • Slick Slider (github)
  • SimpleParallax (github)


  1. Gutenslider in Action (Frontend)

    Gutenslider in Action (Frontend)

  2. Gutenslider Creation (Backend + Frontend)

    Gutenslider Creation (Backend + Frontend)


= 1.1.1
* Update Styles for more default block integration (twitter, soundcloud, spotify, youtube)
* Update Readme

= 1.1.0
* Block Deprecation now works, removed unneeded scripts, smaller size


  • First Version