Minimal Profile Widget

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Minimal Profile Widget is very much clean and simple widget plugin. It helps anyone to show their minimal overview of theme self.


  • Name and Designation
  • Cover Image
  • Profile Image
  • Short Description
  • 3 Different Medium link to contact
  • There is an email option for direct email contact

This plugin is very light and easy to use. After installation, you anyone can see what to do or not to do.


  1. Widget Details

    Widget Details

  2. Widget Output

    Widget Output


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/minimal-profile-widget directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to the appearance-widgets and select the “Minimal Profile Widget” to add your desired widget area.



Initial Release