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mowomo blocks contains several types of blocks very specific but at the same time versatile that allow the user to install it to fill its content in a creative way.
The blocks contain unique characteristics that differentiate them from other blocks, such as:

  • Multiple types of transition animations
  • Wide configuration of the appearance of the blocks
  • Configurations of features not seen in other blocks

Actual Blocks

mowomo blocks contains blocks of all kinds, but always try to provide unique and really necessary utilities. These are the ones that contain:

  • Download Block
  • Parallax Image Block
  • Heading Block
  • Gist block
  • Alert block
  • Google Maps


  1. Screenshot from download button block.

    Screenshot from download button block.

  2. Screenshot from parallax image block.

    Screenshot from parallax image block.

  3. Screenshot from heading block.

    Screenshot from heading block.

  4. Screenshot from gist block.

    Screenshot from gist block.

  5. Screenshot from alert block.

    Screenshot from alert block.

  6. Screenshot from google maps blocks.

    Screenshot from google maps blocks.


  1. Upload the mowomo folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or alternatively upload the file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your computer.
  2. Activate the mowomo bloques plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Use mowomo bloques on your next page or post.



  • One new block, enjoy!
  • Optimization of the plugin in general


  • Minor fixes solved


  • Three new blocks
  • Minor fixes solved


  • Minor fixes solved


  • One new block, enjoy!


  • Initial release on Enjoy!