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Multi-room booking calendar , Multi-room booking system and time slot booking calendar, all managed by fast and powerful booking software. Simple and easy management system that gives you access to the visual customization of the widget so that it matches with the design of your existing WordPress site., ideal for booking tours, hotel rooms, villas, apartments, cars, events, appointments etc.

Features include

  • Cloud Solution No Extra Fees Or Commissions.
  • Support Daily Nightly Calendar, Time Slot Calendar and Multi Room Booking System.
  • Display real time availability, take reservations, and receive payments online within your website.
  • Automatically send confirmations, alerts, invoices, and customized follow-up to customers.
  • Accept Guest or Registered Customer.
  • Synchronizable with other booking systems via Ical feed.
  • Multi-Room System.
  • Change the appearance of the calendar to according width WordPress theme design.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly booking process.
  • Support for multiple languages and international currencies.
  • Multi-gateway payment processing including , Paypal,
  • SSL support keeps the customer on your website while making payment.

My Reservation System integrates seamlessly into WordPress and does not force customers off to an external website to process bookings or view availability. My Reservation System keeps consumer data secure and separate from WordPress.
See It In Action:
Booking Calendar Widget Live DEMO
Booking Calendar inside poste Live DEMO
You can configure My Reservation System to manage your rental inventory, accept reservations and process payments.


  1. My Reservation System WordPress Tutorial.


  1. My Reservation System Dashboard

    My Reservation System Dashboard

  2. Booking Manager into My Reservation System

    Booking Manager into My Reservation System

  3. Booking Manager into My Reservation System

    Booking Manager into My Reservation System

  4. Plugin Interface integrated into WordPress Dashboard

    Plugin Interface integrated into WordPress Dashboard

  5. New Plugin Interface 2.1

    New Plugin Interface 2.1


  1. How to install My Reservation System WordPress Plugin.


  1. Install the My Reservation System plugin in your WordPress admin by going to ‘Plugins / Add New’ and searching for ‘My Reservation System’, (or) If doing a manual install, download the plugin and unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  1. Create your Online Reservation System Account
  2. Setup you calendar and configure your bookings on My Reservation System admin panel.
  3. Be sure you have activate jquery.
  4. Enable the My Reservation System widget in WordPress.
  5. Setup your widget and append the software following the position of your widget Demo . .
  6. You Can also create a WordPress Post and embed My Reservation System by past the shortcode to hidden Comment: [myreservationwidgets_”uniqid”] Demo (see the plugin for more options).



  • Aug 01 2016: Initial public v2.0.
  • Dec 12 2016: You can now Append Daily Nightly Calendar Or Time Slot Calendar Or Multi Room Booking System in the same Plugin.
  • 15 02 2017: Bug Booking Calendar Inside WordPress Post Fixed, You can now Append Plugin Inside WordPress Post.


  • Sep 01 2018: Initial public v2.1.
  • 01 09 2018: Images Gallery is available now for Multi Room Booking Calendar. Admin Can Preview Software before saving widget.
  • 01 09 2018: Preview the software before saving the widget is optimized for a responsive display.