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Put the shortcode on any page and get newsletter functionality to integrate on your site.

Go to Setting- SMTP Configuration and set your SMTP Configuration details.

Create a Template from the Setting and then NewsLetter Setting and build a template content as per your requirements along with SMTP configuration setting.

Build a Multiple Templates from the Template List

Send Templates to the Multiple Users based on requirement from NewsLetter List

WP Mail SMTP fixes your email deliverability by reconfiguring the wp_mail() PHP function to use a proper SMTP provider.

Use [OC_NEWSletter] Or short code for your site.

What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an industry standard for sending emails. SMTP helps increase email deliverability by using proper authentication.

Popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc are constantly improving their services to reduce email spam. One of the things their spam tools look for is whether an email is originating from the location it claims to be originating from.

If the proper authentication isn’t there, then the emails either go in your SPAM folder or worst not get delivered at all.

The issue is that most WordPress hosting companies don’t have their servers properly configured for sending PHP emails.

The combination of two causes your WordPress emails to not get delivered.

How does OC-Newsletter work?

Plugin mainly design to send Emails to multiples to users by choosing your own builded templates. You can send email to single users as well to multiple users.

OC-Newsletter plugin includes four different SMTP setup options:

Other SMTP

OC-Newsletter plugin also works with all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Microsoft Live, and any other email sending service that offers SMTP.

You can set the following options:

  • Specify an SMTP host.
  • Specify an SMTP port.
  • Choose SSL / TLS encryption.
  • Choose to use SMTP authentication or not.
  • Specify an SMTP username and password.

We hope that you find OC-Newsletter plugin helpful.

What’s Next

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Can I use this plugin to send email via Gmail, G Suite, Outlook.com, Office 365, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL SMTP?

Yes! We have extensive documentation that covers setting up SMTP most popular email services.


  1. Install OC-Newsletter either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate OC-Newsletter by WPForms.
  3. Navigate to the Settings area of OC-Newsletter in the WordPress admin.
  4. SMTP and Mail template to set it up.
  5. Use [OC_NEWSletter] Or short code for your site