Omniture SiteCatalyst Tracking

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This Omniture SiteCatalyst Tracking plugin provides tracking for basic WordPress navigation, including the following pages:

  • homepage
  • article
  • category page
  • tag page
  • archive
  • static page

It sets the following SiteCatalyst variables:

  • s.pageName
  • s.pageType
  • s.prop1
  • s.prop2
  • s.prop3

It uses the wp_footer hook to be displayed in the footer of the HTML throughout your templates.

Omniture SiteCatalyst is a paid analytics service.

More information on the development of this plugin can be found at

Development of this plugin is sponsored by

Future work of this plugin will involve using the wp_options table to store your Omniture account_id and the path to the required javascript files.


What is Omniture SiteCatalyst?

Omniture SiteCatalyst is a paid analytics service offered as part of the Omniture suite. More information can be found at

Are there any dependencies for this plugin?

Yes, you must have an Omniture SiteCatalyst account. You must know your Omniture account_id and have access to upload your Omniture s_code.js SiteCatalyst file. Both of these are required in order for the plugin to work.

What SiteCatalyst variables are tracked in this plugin?

The SiteCatalyst plugins s.pageName,, s.pageType, s.prop1, s.prop2, s.prop3 are tracked in this plugin.


  1. Uploaded omniture.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Update line #10 in the plugin to use your Omniture SiteCatalyst account id.

    !– var s_account = ‘omniture_account_id’; –

  4. Update line #12 in the plugin to link to the Omniture SiteCatalyst s_code.js file. A recommended location for this file would be in the parent directory that is separated from the WordPress code base.

    script type=”text/javascrript” src=”/path/to/s_code.js”/script



Introduction of plugin.