Description Allows authors to hide portions of the WordPress interface that you seldom use. Each author’s preferences are stored separately and can be edited in the author’s profile. Requires WP… Lees verder »

AJAX Calendar

Description AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAXified WordPress calendar. This enhances the functionality of the standard calendar by: Allowing the asynchronous navigation of months, without updating… Lees verder »


Description WWW checks in, it doesn’t check out. Changelog 1.1 Re-add the missing readme 1.00 Initial release


Description Adds the ability to easily manage large volumes of DjVu files for the display of scanned documents.

Simple Spoiler Enhanced

Description Add show/hide text enclosed within or [spoiler][/spoiler] with a link. Original idea by Leong Wai Kay.

Search All

Description Adds capability to search pages, attachments, draft posts, and comments to the WP default search, with an admin console to contol options.


Description copy networkconnect.php to the wp-content/plugins/ directory activate the plugin in the admin panel, via Plugins Plugins Activate edit wp-content/themes/default/sidebar.php (if you don’t use the default theme, please choose the… Lees verder »


Description Holler is a customisable contact form that uses AJAX to send messages without leaving the current page. It can be configured to send to a choice of addresses and… Lees verder »

SpamKit Plugin

Description Prototype, uses Time-Based-Tokens in the comment form [by Gerard Calderhead]. If WordPress receives a comment-post without the token, or with an invalid token the comment is held for moderation…. Lees verder » Info

Description Defines functions that display cached versions of tags and recently posted links.


Description Allows you to embed Qdig (Quick Digital Image Gallery) galleries in posts or pages.

Self Image

Description Plugin to allow you to place a link in the post that links to a full view of the post.

Travelog Plugin

Description Installation Upload the ‘travelog’ folder from this archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your webserver. Active the “Travelog” plugin in WordPress’s Site Admin Plugins page. Modify your WordPress theme… Lees verder »


Description Simple toolkit to post bookmarks to several social bookmarking systems on entry publication. Installation == [MANDATORY] Upload the contents of this archive (except readme.txt) to your wp-content/plugins folder Activate… Lees verder »


Description A quick RSS puller for WordPress. Use ?php getRSS(‘’, ‘5’, ‘li’, ‘/li’);? to fetch a feed.

Search Docs

Description Get Codex and WordPress Support Forum search results directly in any page of the Admin panel. This plugin is a collaborative effort of Owen Winkler and Andrew Sutherland. Thanks… Lees verder »

Democracy Widget

Description Adds a sidebar widget for use with Andrew Sutherland’s Democracy Poll widget.


Description Allows wordpress authors to attach file(s) to individual posts


Description Allows to get the incoming links list to a single post from Technorati to be displayed under every single post.

Current Mood

Description Adds a “Current Mood” icon to each post after the date. Unzip moods into wp-content/plugins/moods and activate plugin. Use the dropdown option to select a current mood.

Nice Categories

Description Displays the categories conversationally, like: Category1, Category2 and Category3

Post Levels

Description The Post-Levels plugin allows you to set a numeric “level” to each of your users, and then author posts that are only visible by users above that level. Known… Lees verder »

Google Adsense for Feeds

Description This puts Google RSS Ads in your feed, make sure you fill in your publisher ID by editing the plugin file.


Description Multiply is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x which allows multiple blogs from within the one administration interface. Includes one-click creation of new blogs, with per-blog user permissions, themes etc…. Lees verder »


Description transforms your writing from wiki to xhtml valid – adaptation of an extraordinary php class from


Description This plugin allows one to use the Dokuwiki Markup in an post by encapsulating it within a tag

Cricket Moods

Description Cricket Moods is a flexible “mood tag” WordPress plugin. It allows an author to add one or more “moods” to every post. Each mood can be associated with an… Lees verder »

Blogroll Update

Description The Blogroll Update checks (every 15 minutes) and (every 5 minutes, using the shortChanges.xml feed). If a link from your WP Blogroll appears, the plugin marks it… Lees verder »

S/MIME Plugin

Description The S/MIME plugin adds S/MIME functionality to outgoing e-mails. This allows notifications to be securely encrypted to recipients using x509 certificates. This would be useful in a “closed” blog… Lees verder »


Description displays hidden links in every post to your honeypot.


Description Plugin that helps you make your WordPress powered web completely multilingual. With full support of multiple time and date formats, localization of your RSS feeds and, of course, publishing… Lees verder »


Description This creates an options page that uses the SmallOptions, if it’s enabled.

HTTP Authentication

Description The HTTP Authentication plugin allows you to use existing means of authenticating people to WordPress. This includes Apache’s basic HTTP authentication module, Shibboleth, and many others. To follow updates… Lees verder »


Description Saves formatted versions of posts comments to the database so that they are not formatted with every page view.

Page Date

Description Modifies a page’s post date whenever the page is updated

Donkie Quote

Description Displays a random quote. You must place the do_random_quote(); template tag somwhere in you template to actually see the quote.

TTLB Ecosystem Cache

Description This is to replace the javascript tag that the TTLB Ecosystem currently provides to display your sites current status in the Ecosystem. It caches the results every 24 hours… Lees verder »

Absolute Relative Links

Description When activated, this plugin filters WordPress’ output, removing redundant stuff from on-site links.

Get Recent Comments

Description This plugin shows excerpts of the latest comments and/or trackbacks in your sidebar. You have comprehensive control about their appearance. This ranges from the number of comments, the length… Lees verder »

URL Cache

Description Given a URL, the url_cache() function will attempt to download the file it represents and return a URL pointing to this locally cached version.