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Parler : /par-lay/ is a Commenting plugin and Social News application that helps digital publishers and bloggers add commenting to their website, moderate communities, and improve reader engagement.

The Parler for WordPress Plugin lets site managers and developers add Parler to their sites, replacing the default WordPress or 3rd party comment system.

Why Parler?

  • Fast and reliable display of commenting threads without requiring additional overhead on pages.
  • Simple, direct installation that integrates with your existing WordPress site without the need to alter existing pages, posts or blogs.
  • Retention of all existing comments to ensure no conversation or community member is lost.
  • Parler linked social accounts foster publisher content engagement by keeping conversations within your site, not on external social media networks.
  • iOS and Android native applications return users through direct push notifications to increase traffic.
  • Automatic article/content posting from publisher sites to Parler mobile application.
  • Potential viral content growth and alternative audience exposure by objective ranking of comments and content that displays true public interests.
  • Unique user interactions through proprietary commenting thread displays.
  • Aggregation of all comments, posts and reactions across mobile and web platform for cohesive user experience.

Parler Features

  • Combined web and mobile platform syncs all comments automatically.
  • Email address only and single sign on allows for quick user acquisition.
  • Asynchronous loading with advanced caching that does not affect core WordPress functionality.
  • Trending comments and content sections expand the scope of reader audiences.
  • Direct push notifications through Parler mobile application.
  • User interface display of upvote/downvote comments reflects the value of the response within the thread.
  • Color-themed threads provide users streamlined view of comments and responses.
  • Realtime commenting with several discussion interactions: voting and rich media upload (photos, GIFs, etc.)


Is Parler Free to use on my site?

Yes, the Parler Comments Plugin is free to use.


  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Click “Parler” in your wp-admin menu
  3. Click the “Sign In” button to retrieve an API key for your plugin.
  4. Login and Approve the link to authorize your plugin key.
  5. If you see “Integration Complete” then you are done setting up the plugin. If you see issues with verifying your domain, you may need to create a file in the root of your domain and place a hash string in it to authorize your domain name.
  6. Click the General tab to configure the width of your comments plugin or activate the widget to move the comments to a different location on your site. Note that activating the widget will deactivate your default comments location.
  7. Click “Import” to backport all previous posts and comments into Parler.
  8. Enjoy the great features and benefits from the Parler Comments Plugin!



  • Initial Public Release