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Plenishable Commerce is a plug-and-play widget that automatically displays content-relevant products for your readers to purchase directly on your site. Our product selection is targeted towards bloggers in food, home, DIY, and crafting, and includes items from thousands of retailers.

Our technology determines which products your content is most likely to inspire the purchase of – we show the right products from the right brands matched with the right content.

You get paid when your readers make purchases from your site, and payment varies depending on volume.

What makes the Plenishable Commerce tool unique:

  • — Our contextual technology understands the meaning of your post content and displays products that your writing is likely to inspire purchase of
  • — Our product database is hand-curated and merchandised, ensuring no junk is shown to your readers
  • — Our algorithm can be customized to your personal brand guidelines so only products and brands you support can be displayed

Other great benefits:

  • — Simple WordPress install
  • — We customize each widget to align with your site’s design so it feels completely natural to a reader
  • — Your readers can discover and purchase great products based on your content
  • — You get a new revenue stream to you without additional effort, time, or technology

Terms Privacy Policy

  1. Complete Terms of Service here:
  2. Privacy Policy here:


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Why can’t I see the widget on my blog?

If you haven’t been in contact with us directly, we will need to enable you on our side. Please email

The widget looks incorrect on my homepage or is showing up too many times on my homepage

Please disable the “Show on every page” setting under Settings Plenishable


  1. Download, install, and activate the Plenishable plugin (you must have a self-hosted WordPress install to use plugins.)
  2. If you haven’t already activated your Plenishable account directly with us or at, email with your blog URL and we will set up your account and customize your widget for you.



  • — Re-written from the ground up


  • — Widget now displays properly on main page post stubs and with certain complex themes.
  • — Some look and feel changes to optimize display


  • — bug fixes


  • — more bug fixes


  • — fixes PHP parse error on some themes