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Your business works with a WooCommerce shop and you want to expand your shop by a small feature, then the PlusMinus Button is just the right one.

Your customers do not only want to buy just one piece of a product, but rather several. Currently on your Woocommerce Shop, this is usually done via two possible function. With arrows you can increase or decrease the number. Or the shop offers an input field in which the number can be entered.

But the PlusMinus button seems a bit cooler in terms of number. The number can still be entered via keypad. The arrows are replaced by + for a higher number and – for a lower number.

The PlusMinus button can be activated on three different levels. The first option would be to activate the +/- functions on the shop overview page next to the Add to cart button. Another option, the PlusMinus Button, can be used at the product level. If your customer looks more closely at a specific product, he can change the number with the PlusMinus button before placing it in the shopping cart. But also shortly before the purchase in the shopping cart the number of products can be changed with + and – again

Cool features:

  • easy installation
  • Activation on three different shop levels: shop overview page, product level and shopping cart
  • responsive
  • Facilitated operation +/- instead of arrow keys
  • manual entry of the number still possible
  • is attached to Add to cart button


Why do you need the PlusMinus Button?

The PlusMinus Button is an extension for your Woocommerce-Shop.

What are the advantages of the PlusMinus Button?

Your customers can change the number of desired products by the plus or minus. You can imagine Woocommerce already, RIGHT, but not with clear plus – minus buttons.

Is the PlusMinus button responsive?

The PlusMinus Button can adapt to all devices in different sizes. But please note, if your shop is not responsive, it will be hard to show the PlusMinus Button responsive.

What benefits brings the PlusMinus Button to your customers?

It adapts to different device sizes and is always displayed directly next to the Add to cart button. In contrast to arrows or a direct input of the number of the desired product, the plus and the minus are easy to use.

The PlusMinus Button is no good, what you can do then !?

We would appreciate a message in which you communicate your “annoyance” with the PlusMinus Button. Only then we can do better. You really want to get rid of the PlusMinus button. Simply deactivate or delete it in the plugin directory.


In just a few steps you can load the PlusMinus button on your WordPress page:

  1. Simply download the PlusMinus Button Plugin directly.
  2. Then upload via FTP or SSH the folder with all plugin files, unzipped, into the directory / wp-content / plugins. Or search the plugin in your WordPress Konfiguration under Plugins - Install with the name PlusMinus Button and install the plugin directly via the WordPress plugins in your WordPress backend.
  3. Then activate the plugin via the menu item Plugins in WordPress
  4. After the plugin is activated, you can adjust the settings. To do this, click Settings directly in the plugin or navigate to Settings- PlusMinus Button to configure the plugin.
  5. You can now use the PlusMinus Button on three different positions in your shop.