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You have no shopping system in place, but want to sell products? You have no time and capacity for content-marketing and seo? So is the perfect tool for you to make the next step! Use Germany’s biggest Chat-Commerce Platform – the only chat which is a shop and marketing tool at once: is a smart Live-Chat which enables product offers and purchases directly via chat and recycles conversations subsequently to make it reusable on your page in the form of FAQs, called Quacks. Those easily get indexed by search engines and can be shared in social media. Your rankings will benefit soon. Products can be uploaded and pushed to your customers in the chat. Customers can easily order products based on your dialogue. provides you with full flexibility through mobile and stationary access.
Note that by using this plugin and therefore the Produck service you accept the Produck terms and conditions ( as well as the Produck data policy regulation (
The source-code of the Produck plugin can be found on Github:


Live Chat Function

  • Live Chat – Smart real-time live chat function to lead up to 10 chats at once
  • At the Point of Sale – Modul integration at different places on your page
  • Responsive – The chat is seamlessly adapting to various mobile and desktop screens
  • Chat History – All chats can be edited and maintained on
  • Alternative Contact – set alternative contact channels in case you are not online


  • Content Generation – Simply add hundreds of new pages on your shop with the feature “FAQs from Chat”, named Quacks
  • SEO-Content – All Quacks are search engine optimized (SEO) and promote your google positioning
  • Statistics – Live metrics for all your quacks are displayed in your dashboard on
  • Sharing Function – Quacks can easily be shared with your community on various channels such as email, facebook or twitter


  • Advert your Product – Products can be uploaded to and easily be pushed to the chat, to provide customers instantly with suitable articles
  • Lead Generation – Customer who search for products in your area of profession will be connected to you.


  • Track your views on our live-stats dashboard
  • See most successful quacks and find out what customsers matters

Benefits for Merchants

  • pushes your ranking on Google and Co. by reusing your customer conversations and enabling search engine indexation.
  • The set-up pages can easily be promoted on social media and keep your community alive.
  • The smart live chat offers you a convenient and innovative way to connect with your customers.
  • Products can be pushed to the customer, which enables you, to increase your conversion and create loyal customer.
  • Customers who search for your skills on will be forwarded to your account and provide new leads.

Benefits for Customers

  • Customer can request immediate support by using the responsive live chat
  • Quacks can be displayed on relevant pages to solve remaining questions instantly
  • Customer will find relevant products from your portfolio (if you have configured this option) in the chat to allow a sales interaction as if they are in your local store


We recommend to submit at least two quacks per week, to keep your page interesting for search engines. Adjust the wording of your customers’ question in the “quackify” section after the chat was accomplished, to find a very catchy headline which will be indexed on google later on. Try to provide crisp, but also holistic answers to customer queries. Additional answers can help, to keep a specific question relevant to future visitors with similar issues. Holistic answers are more likely to support a good ranking on search engines. From our experience, your site ranking will benefit noticeably after 20 published quacks. All the best. Your ProDucks.

What makes unique

  • is the only live chat which is actually a shop by providing your products along with your support
  • We exploit the value of your answers by converting them into single pages, placed on your website and helping you to reach a better position on google and co.


  1. The chat will be displayed on demand at the bottom of your webpage.

    The chat will be displayed on demand at the bottom of your webpage.

  2. A product overview can be opened straight from the chat.

    A product overview can be opened straight from the chat.

  3. Products can be pushed to the chat to start a conversational exchange.

    Products can be pushed to the chat to start a conversational exchange.

  4. Quacks will be displayed in an overview on your webpage.

    Quacks will be displayed in an overview on your webpage.

  5. Each Quack is presented on an own seo-optimized page.

    Each Quack is presented on an own seo-optimized page.

  6. Quacks soon get indexed by google.

    Quacks soon get indexed by google.

  7. Quacks can be shared easily.

    Quacks can be shared easily.

  8. Quacks can be edited at any time.

    Quacks can be edited at any time.

  9. The dashboard shows recent statistics.

    The dashboard shows recent statistics.


Can I use for free?

Yes, the usage of all features on is absolutely free. If you sell products on, too, we charge a commission. More information can be found in the AGB on our webpage.

Why is Germany’s biggest pure chat-commerce platform, which provides you access to customers, with concrete product interest and willingness to buy. The reusability of chats as Quacks will enhance the economy of your customer service by increasing the traffic deriving from search engines.

How can I receive messages from my customer?

You can use the web-based app in your browser and just need to be logged in as an Expert. The web-app can be run in the background and will notify you, in case of incoming chats. If you prefer a mobile accessibility, we will launch an iPhone and Android App for customer and experts in May.

What happens, if I am offline?

This is up to you. You can show a contact email, a contact number or just a notification about your absence to your customer.

In which area is applicable? is already used in various businesses such as smart home, rubber industries, catamaran manufacturer or lawyers. Here you can find an example: is especially useful, if you plan to sell products on your webpage and do not have a shopping system in place or your product is complex and often requires customer support. Also, is useful, if you want to push the traffic of your site, without having much extra-effort.

Where can I find a documentation

Please review the live chat documentation on Further FAQs can be found on

Can I specify groups of experts?

This will be available soon.

Can I see missed Chats?

Just, if you have been online at the time of the request and the chat was active. If you weren’t online at all, you will not see the missed chat.

Can I set a secific status

Yes, you can deactivate your chat, which means you are offline.

Can I set a holidy mode

Yes, this is possible in your settings.

Can customer start a chat without entering email or name?

Yes, it is possible to start a chat without any credentials.

Do I need a software on my PC to use

No, you don’t! is a SaaS, which means the application is running on our server and you just need to have an online connection to use it. Thus, you need to install the WordPress Plugin and are ready to start your customer communication.

Will slow down the performance of my Website? is loaded asynchronously. This means, it will not bother the initial loading process of your website.

How to I publish a Quack?

After each chat you have the option to “Quackify” a chat, meaning that the chat is published on your webpage if you confirm. Previously, you can adjust the title, the tags and the language of your Quack.

Can I change the content of Quacks?

Yes, absolutely. Subsequent to each chat, you can decide whether to publish or not publish the conversation on your webpage. If you want to edit or update a conversation later, you will find a chat management panel in your expert account, where you can change title, text and tags immediately.

Are Quacks available in multiple languages?

Currently, you can choose the languages German or English for each Quack prior to publication. The Quacks will then just be displayed on your site according to the chosen language.

How to become an Expert?

Register on “Als Experte” (as expert).

How to share a Quack with my community?

On your webpage, a share button is attached to each Quack. On click, a popup will open and show several options to share the Quack i.e. on facebook, twitter or via email.

Got a question

Contact us via You can also find further FAQ under


Install the Worpress plugin in just a few minutes by following these steps:

  • Register on “Als Experte” (as expert).
  • After you have set up your account on, login into your account and choose “Profil” on the left-side menu. In your profile, you will find your customer ID in the box “Kunden-ID”, which you will be needed to connect your chat and the quacks to your account.
  • Now install the plugin and activate the plugin in your WordPress installation.
  • Then open the configuration of the Plugin which can be found via the settings menu item of the WordPress administration. You will be immediately prompted for your customer ID and whether you want to show a link beneath your Quack-pages.
  • Change the other settings or keep it if suitable to your preferences. All settings are explained directly on the administration page.
  • Last but not least there is one more very important step. Since the Produck plugin uses virtual posts/pages the necessary routing does only work if the Permalinks setting of WordPress is set to something other than the first option.

Now you are ready to go. After you have created the first quacks, they should appear on your website automatically. Otherwise contact us under
If you want to add products to your account, please contact us under We will help you to manage the process.


Version 1.0.0

first release