Product Visibility by Country for WooCommerce

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Product Visibility by Country for WooCommerce plugin lets you show/hide WooCommerce products depending on customer’s country. Customer’s country is detected automatically by IP.

There are options in plugin to hide products by:

  • Hiding catalog visibility – will hide selected products in shop and search results. However product still will be accessible via direct link.
  • Making products non-purchasable – will make selected products non-purchasable (i.e. product can’t be added to the cart).
  • Modifying products query – will hide selected products completely (including direct link).
  • Hiding products prices – will hide prices for selected products (i.e. will make products non-purchasable). Also you can optionally replace price with your own custom message.

You can also optionally output customizable “product is not available in your country” message on single product and/or archives pages.

Pro version has the options to:

  • Hide product terms (i.e. product categories and tags) by country.
  • Customize redirect URL for hidden products (i.e. set it different from 404 page).


  • We are open to your suggestions and feedback. Thank you for using or trying out one of our plugins!
  • Please visit Product Visibility by Country for WooCommerce plugin page.


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Start by visiting plugin settings at “WooCommerce Settings Product Visibility by Country”.


1.1.6 – 25/04/2019

  • Dev – Extra safety checks added (for compatibility with “Popup Builder WooCommerce”).
  • Dev – “WC tested up to” updated.

1.1.5 – 12/04/2019

  • Dev – General Options – “Hide price” options added.
  • Dev – Admin settings descriptions updated.

1.1.4 – 09/04/2019

  • Dev – General Options – “Info on single product page” and “Info on archives” options (and [alg_wc_pvbc_translate] shortcode) added.
  • Dev – Admin settings minor restyling.

1.1.3 – 10/02/2019

  • Dev – Modify query – “Redirect URL” option added.

1.1.2 – 08/02/2019

  • Fix – Product Terms – “European Union” option fixed.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.

1.1.1 – 04/01/2019

  • Dev – “Invisible in countries” option moved to the free version.
  • Dev – “Hide product terms” option added to Pro version.

1.1.0 – 12/11/2018

  • Fix – Modify query – Possible pagination issue fixed.
  • Dev – Modify query – “Modify widget query” option added.
  • Dev – Admin Options – “Select box type” option added.
  • Dev – “European Union” added as country selection.
  • Dev – Admin settings restyled.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.
  • Dev – Plugin URI updated.

1.0.0 – 30/08/2017

  • Initial Release.