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A professional Plugin for Twitter users. You can have a lot of plugins to work on different things from twitter or only one. You can add fast to you theme a twitter counter via widget. Also you can put on your articles a tweet this link to send your post to twitter user. You can set a “template” for twitter massage to contain [TITLE] or [URL] or another massage you want to sent to twitter. (ex. you can put (via @your_twitter_username) in the template of the message. Also you can chose from different buttons and images for counter and for tweet this.

Another functions will be added in the next versions of this plugins.


  1. Options


  2. Twitter Counter

    Twitter Counter

  3. Tweet this

    Tweet this


Where I can put my twitter account ?

In admin menu on Pro Twitter zone – Options you can complete your account.

I install and activate the plugin but Twitter Counter don’t appear on my page

Go in Admin Panel – Appearance – Widgets – Twitter Counter and drag and drop to your sidebar. Or put in your theme in sidebar.php the following code:


  1. Download the plugin, extract in a folder /ProTwitter for example
  2. Upload folder to your wordpress plugins folder on server, /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate plugins from Admin Panel – Plugins – Pro Twitter
  4. Go in Admin Panel – Pro Twitter – Options and set you options for plugin.



  • New pictures added for Tweet this.


  • Add more designs for twitter counter.
  • Improving apy for shorten url.


  • Adding options for shorten url.
  • All options are now functionally.


  • Adding Tweet this options.
  • Improve some functions.


  • Adding widgeting to Twitter Counter.


  • First version of ProTwitter.