Rebusify Verified Reviews WooCommerce Extension


Showcase Verified and Trusted reviews by real customers of your websites using WooCommerce and the Rebusify Confidence System with Blockchain verification built-in!

When your customers buys your product or service via WooCommerce using the Rebusify Confidence System, they have 30 days to leave a 1 through 5-Star review, along with a title and description of the product or service. Once they create that review, it is immediately ported over to where it becomes searchable. And in an industry first, Rebusify is proud to add the enhanced ability to store reviews on the Ethereum blockchain, where they become a permanent record impossible to modify.

With the Rebusify Confidence System (RCS), merchants can safely send customers to to view their company profile page displaying real reviews from actual, real and verified customers. Not some random fake reviews from unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees or someone with a grudge.

Each company that uses the RCS gets their own SEO optimized company page where all the company details are listed, along with all their verified reviews. These will also appear on Google, when people do review searches for a company.

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  1. This is the company profile page at

    This is the company profile page at

  2. This is the Rebusify Confidence System Admin area on your website.

    This is the Rebusify Confidence System Admin area on your website.

  3. This is the review posting section for every transaction from your website.

    This is the review posting section for every transaction from your website.

  4. pThis is your my account area at

    This is your my account area at


How are the reviews stored on the blockchain?

We store reviews on the Ethereum blockchain via Smart Contract as well as our own private Rebusify blockchain. When a review is posted via the WooCommerce Rebusify Confidence System plugin, that review is then ported to where it becomes a searchable record. The review is then posted to the blockchain as a permanent record.

Do you offer a free version?

Yes, all free versions come with 500 transactions per year. If you have more than 500 transactions per year then you will need to upgrade your plan.

Does the free version offer reviews posted to the blockchain?

With the Free Plan you get a company profile page and all reviews will be posted to that company profile page. Due to transaction gas on the blockchain the free plan does not include posting to the blockchain. For blockchain verification, we charge a monthly subscription based on the number of review transactions you have.

Should I install the Rebusify Badge?

While the Rebusify Badge is a great way to show your potential customers your reviews, it’s best to not show the badge unless you have a few reviews. Get two or three reviews posted to your company profile page then add the Rebusify Badge to your website via any page or sidebar widget.

How long do reviews take to be posted to the blockchain?

Reviews won’t be immediately posted to the Ethereum blockchain. This is because transactions have to be picked up and mined so it can take a few minutes for it to show on the review. This also depends on how congested the network is but in most cases it’s just a few minutes. Reviews posted to the Rebusify Blockchain will post immediately.


  1. Install Rebusify Reviews automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
  2. Activate the Rebusify Reviews plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Rebusify RCS is now activated.
  3. You will need to visit and register to get your API Serial Key. Be sure to note the email address you registered with. You will need that as well as your Serial Key.
  4. Once you have gotten your Serial Key from then you will need to enter that Go to the Rebusify RCS menu and enable the Rebusify Reviews function.
  5. Enter the Rebusify Serial Key and Email Address and click Save Changes.
  6. Your company profile will now be setup at where all your customer reviews will show up.
  7. If you wish to install the Rebusify Confidence System badge on your website to show your potential customs then go to and go to your company profile URL and click on the Badge tab and copy/paste that badge code to your sidebar widget. This will display the badge on your website showing your potential customers all your verified reviews.


1.0.5 ? May 20, 2019
Change: Changed API link back to Rebusify for faster posting to blockchain.

1.0.4 ? May 6, 2019
Change: Changed functions file to modify folder name to fit WP repoz url.

1.0.3 ? MARCH 25, 2019
Improvement: Changed the Replies table storage feature.
Change: Changed stylesheet issue to reflect review submission.
Fix: Fixed API issue with porting back to Rebusify.